Wake The Town – Music Supervisor (UK)

Wake The Town and Theodore are sister companies working in music supervision. We are an award-winning collective of music lovers who were lucky enough to find a career in a field we love, and that passion has helped us to now reside among the biggest music supervision companies in Europe. We predominantly supervise music for advertising, working into both advertising agencies and brands directly. In addition, we develop music strategies for brands, craft bespoke compositions and re-records, supervise for TV & Film, curate playlists for brands and sign, release and publish new tracks, EPs and albums, amongst other music related activities.

Our latest campaign work can be seen on our websites here: wakethetown.com / theodoremusic.co

The people:

First and foremost, we are all passionate about music and expect that of everyone who works with us. Outside of work hours, between the existing staff, we write and record our own music, DJ, run our own labels, produce, host radio shows etc and would love to see the same passion from a new recruit. Musically everyone has their own favourite genres (which are quickly established on the office stereo) but we expect staff to have an extensive music knowledge beyond this.

Beyond a passion for music, you will already be (or have been) a music supervisor, so you should fully understand and be comfortable with the role and process from start to finish (receiving a brief, sourcing composers or finding a track, cutting to picture and how to then contract/license that track). You should have the skill to be able to read a brief and pick out the key points, find what is important and apply it when engaged in a music search or in the process of producing a new composition. You should also know when a wildcard might be required or have the confidence to stand behind one track. You should be excited by finding new musical solutions for old sounding musical problems. You should seek out new artists, collaborators and composers and be keen to share them with the team. You should be able to demonstrate new business skills and be excited about the prospect of meeting new people and agencies. You should be keen to get out to find new opportunities and your infectious personality should draw others to you. You’ve worked in teams and enjoy an open forum where ideas can be challenged and embettered; equally where you can justify your methods and provide new insight to your fellow supervisors.

Skills & Expertise required:
  • Music lover and expert
  • A minimum of 3 years experience as a music supervisor and come to the role with your own contacts at advertising agencies, production companies or brands.
  • Proven ability to maintain and develop client relationships
  • Creative & critical thinker
  • An understanding and drive for obtaining new business
  • Ability to edit audio/cut to picture using Logic (or similar)
  • Outgoing and confident communicator
  • Enjoy working in a team environment and keen to collaborate
  • Proficient in key administrative software such as Word, Excel, Keynote and Google Workspace.
  • Good time management
  • In-house agency experience and presentation skills would be a welcome bonus
Job Role

Full time role, working from our London base. Your role within the team will be as a music supervisor focusing on composition and re-records. You will run your own projects from inception to completion, utilising the rest of the team as and when required. You will have your own clients already and we will introduce you to others. You should have a roster of composers you’ve worked with in the past that you will utilise again as well as developing relationships with our existing composers. You will collaborate where required on other peoples projects, which will be as important to you as your own. Your role will also stretch into Theodore and licensing/creative search, but this will not be your main focus. We will look to help you grow as a music supervisor, widening the breadth of your experience. Whilst initially focusing on advertising, over time you will have the opportunity to grow into other areas of our business.

Salary is negotiable but dependent on experience and network/clients.

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV (or similar) to the below address before the closing date of 31st March 2021.

[email protected] 

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