Utopia – Business Analyst (SP, UK, DE, FI, SE, CH)


Music is incredible. It can excite hundreds, and unite thousands. But as an industry, it has been slow, complicated, and disparate. While the tech world has moved into the future, the music industry continues to be shaped by inefficient systems of the past. At Utopia we believe there is a better way. Which is why today we are setting out to transform the entire industry; creating new revenue streams, consolidating the data and decluttering the admin. Unlocking the industry’s full potential by unifying it all in one truly holistic space. Some might call that a Utopia.

Funnily enough, so do we. Welcome to Utopia. Where music lives.


The open secret is that the music industry is struggling with the very basics of music accounting: What was played, when and where? Who should get paid and how much?

Utopia Music is bridging the data gap by connecting global consumption, accurate metadata, and fast payments to an industry-wide trust platform.

Our goal is to unlock creative value and enable Fair Pay For Every Play to make a better world for Music. The solutions we offer do not threaten to usurp the role of industry incumbents – it is about bringing transparency in the industry and supporting efficient royalty collection for all.


As a Business Analyst at Utopia Music, you will initially touch on such a wide range of responsibilities and tasks that you will ultimately make of the role what you wish, and where your skills fit best within the team. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with every business unit within the company on topics such as tailored market research, revenue forecasts, deliveries to clients, and even commercially focused due diligence reports on potential M&A opportunities. This is a great opportunity to grow your career in a direction that you can steer within a very fast growing company!

You will report to the Business Analyst Manager, and the team of business analysts operates as a functional team within the commercial department, meaning it is not directly affiliated to any one business unit, but is a service provider of sorts to all the business units.

  • Provide tailored market intelligence research answering to the specific needs of each business unit, answering some of the most pressing questions facing the business.
  • Create forecasts to assess various business opportunities and strategically advise commercial directors.
  • Complete in depth analysis of the commercial operations of potential M&A targets and prepare concise reports for the M&A team.
  • Update and maintain company wide KPI reporting dashboards
  • Relevant years of experience in a music industry or business analyst role is preferable.
  • Numerical and financial literacy is important as you will often be working with financial data.
  • Must be good at forging professional relationships and maintaining a rapport with the commercial directors.
  • Should have good organizational and administrative skills, as a business analyst faces multi faceted requests and needs to ensure all work is effectively stored.
  • Knowledge of the music industry (specifically copyright and royalty flows) is a huge plus!
  • You’re a self starter, someone who manages themselves as though they are the leader of a one man team. You will operate with a large degree of autonomy and will carry the responsibilities and accountability that comes with this.
  • You are attentive to detail. Be a detective, you will constantly need to be asking the right questions and creatively searching for the answers.
  • Great atmosphere – we live, love & breathe music & tech!
  • Working in an impact oriented team and inclusive company culture.
  • An experienced team to learn from, with proven track records in multiple startups and big tech companies.
  • Our flexible remote policy provides Utopians the freedom to work either from one of our inspiring offices or from home.
  • We celebrate being an international and multicultural company.
  • Competitive benefits; packages depend on location. You’ll be given more details on this during the interview process.
  • You send us your CV in English
  • We invite you for an introductory video call with the Talent Acquisition team to get to know you better and share more about us.
  • We set you up for the interview with a member of the team.
  • We invite you for the behavioral interview with the hiring manager.

As we want to bring transparency, trust, and clarity to the music industry we serve, we know a change comes from within. Utopia is a transparent, trust-based organization striving to have clarity in thinking and doing what we set out to do.

We execute urgently and innovate to grow faster. We ship things that make a difference today, so we can make them better tomorrow. We embrace fairness and are all accountable.

Strictly diverse and inclusive. We are an equal opportunity employer.

We celebrate our diverse backgrounds and we welcome everyone who identifies with the above to apply. Welcome to Utopia – Where Music Lives!
We’re eager to meet You! 🙂

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