Truth Music Group – Marketing/Label Manager (Remote, UK)

Job Description: Marketing/Label Manager

The Role

The role of the label manager is to coordinate, schedule and promote releases while working closely with artists, artist managers, distributors and external promotion teams. The label manager is responsible for making sure music is delivered according to the schedule, setting up campaigns for music releases and establishing strategies to ensure a successful result.

The Company

Truth Music Group is a full service record label (label, publishing, and artist management) currently representing up and coming alternative punk rock artist Cody Frost. Truth Records will be entering into a joint venture with a major label.

  • Liaise with artists, labels and internal team to execute campaigns and release strategies
  • Oversee that all audio, video, artwork and metadata meets content guidelines
  • Schedule announcements and releases
  • Communicate with Social Media Managers and Publicists on marketing strategies
  • Utilize data and analytics tools to determining marketing and sales actions
  • Handling communication, statements, sales reports, and accounting for digital and physical distribution
  • Organise requests and sync for licensing
  • Negotiate deals, contracting, and administering of sync requests
  • Administering royalty and artist statements
  • Accompany the artist on promo and video shoots
  • Running joint venture with major label
  • Pitching tracks to DSPs

  • Minimum five years experience in marketing and/or label services
  • Experience and knowledge of both indie label and major label landscape
  • Experience directly running own campaigns ideally at both an indie and major label

Application link/email:
Closing date: May 30th, 2024
Local office: Fully remote/London-based

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