Spotify – Sound Up: Behind the Mic, Lead (US)

Spotify believes in creating a more open and inclusive creative ecosystem, which includes a rich podcast industry that’s equitable for all. That’s why we launched Sound Up, an immersive accelerator for new and aspiring podcasters aimed to bring more diverse voices to podcasting.

Sound Up aims to raise up the next generation of underrepresented podcasters through education, workshops, and support. It’s a platform serving people who are passionate about podcasting and have a great idea, but don’t have the skill set or connections to execute on it.

Sound Up Behind The Mic is an apprenticeship for aspiring and early-career Black podcast producers. Candidates will be selected into the program and hired as permanent Spotify employees. They will work for one year as apprentices on a rotational program, working between producorial disciplines and across Spotify’s studio brands. The apprentices will also receiving training and be tasked with producing their own podcast project as a cohort.

As the Lead of Sound Up, Behind the Mic you’ll be responsible for executing this new pilot apprenticeship program. You’ll be responsible for owning the program from ideation to execution. You’ll also serve as Executive Producer on all podcasts that are produced from this program.

What you’ll do
  • Run the global strategy, execution, and production of Sound Up: Behind The Mic
  • Act as a key internal advocate, bringing in expertise from around the company to contribute to and grow the program
  • Train and educate the internal teams and managers participating in the program to be effective leaders and mentors
  • Work cross-functionally with Spotify’s studio brands to execute the program, including collaborating on candidate criteria, roles and responsibilities, leveling
  • Work closely with HR and the D&I team to align the program with other Spotify early-career programs, publicize, recruit and hire candidates
  • Own the relationship with the apprentices acting as advisor, mentor, and guideWork with external vendors and institutional partners to create an educational training tract as part of the apprenticeship Executive Produce a podcast group project for the candidates to produce as a team
  • Oversee permanent job placement for candidates at Spotify at end of 1-year program
  • Engage and maintain relationships with industry experts
  • Work closely with HR on current employee podcast training initiatives, helping to align the various studios production processes to a common language
  • Socialize and help implement this program in other markets
Who you are
  • 10+ years’ experience in podcast production
  • BA or BS or equivalent military / work experience
  • You have a passion for sustainable and socially-responsible businesses.
  • You are a skilled podcast producer with industry knowledge and relationshipsYou live and breathe podcasts and understand the importance of diverse voices in this space.
  • You have D&I experience and are a fierce advocate for diverse and inclusive hiring and company development
  • You’re a creative problem solver with grit, who can build strong relationships across the organization, and effectively run cross-functional global teams.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit. You bring the same enthusiasm to drafting T&C’s as you do to producing a new show
  • .You can do it all…or most of it. Direct experience running podcast training programs is a big plus.
  • You are a global citizen.
  • You may be traveling globally (and multilingual proficiency is helpful!)

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