Soundstripe – VP of Music (US)

Founded and operated in the heart of music city, Soundstripe is one of the fastest growing music technology companies to emerge in the last 5 years.

Providing quality music to tens of thousands of video creators – from YouTubers to freelance videographers, nonprofits and Fortune 1000 companies – we believe individual experience and cultural fit are as valuable to our team as resume credentials. We seek the strongest talent in the industry to join us on our mission to Keep Creatives Creating and believe every Soundstripe employee’s alignment with our Core Values is the key to our success.

Soundstripe is The Tennessean’s #1 Top Workplace in 2019 for small businesses, and one of the best startup cultures in Nashville. Our Core Values influence every decision our organization makes. We believe these values are what has made Soundstripe special and what has and will continue to drive our growth and success.

  • Provide all customers with genuine and whimsical care.
  • Confront harsh realities with optimism.
  • Keep it light.
  • Strive to always grow and learn.
  • Develop and practice honest communication.
  • Make it better.
  • Date the model. Marry the mission.
  • Be humble and retain a giving and serving heart and mind.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Done is better than perfect.
Position Overview

Soundstripe’s VP of Music will develop, manage, and direct the vision and daily operations of Soundstripe Productions, LLC. Our VP of Music will influence every facet of Soundstripe’s music business, making high-level business and creative decisions concerning Soundstripe’s original content strategy, vision, administration, and operations, as well as decisions regarding the careers of artists on Soundstripe’s roster. The role of Soundstripe’s VP of Music is to strategize, conceptualize and execute our music business’s policy and plans. They will oversee the daily on-goings of Soundstripe Productions business development, staffing, personnel management and collaboration, and all aspects of Soundstripe Productions label operations: production, distribution, marketing, corporate communications, label strategy, and artist discovery and promotion. Soundstripe’s VP of Music will improve the financial performance of Soundstripe Productions, LLC, reporting results and informing Soundstripe’s Board of the original content strategies that will drive Soundstripe Inc.’s growth and success.


As VP of Music at Soundstripe, responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Directing the vision and daily operations of Soundstripe Productions.
  • Strategizing, conceptualizing, and executing Soundstripe’s music policies and plans.
  • Leading with inspired direction, creativity and innovation, collaborating and driving performance through engaging personnel management of Business Affairs, A&R, and Marketing and Sales Directors and teams.
  • Steering the business development of Soundstripe Productions.
  • Overseeing Soundstripe Productions’ business affairs: administration, publishing, and distribution.
  • Overseeing Soundstripe Productions’ A&R: talent and content acquisition strategy as well as music production operations and execution.
  • Overseeing Soundstripe Productions’ sales and marketing: brand direction, artist marketing initiatives and business development opportunities
  • Reporting on Soundstripe Productions’ financial performance; strategically driving profitability and contributing to the continued success and growth of Soundstripe Inc.

Soundstripe’s VP of Music will embrace and believe in our Core Values.

In addition to embodying these values, our VP of Music will demonstrate the following competencies and skills required for success in this role.

Skills & Requirements

Extensive music industry experience, preferably as a senior or executive role within a record label.

A deep, proven knowledge of all departments within a record label: sales, marketing, A&R, creative, publishing, distribution, production and promotion.

Proven ability to manage vision and purpose, drive results, and lead and develop teams.


Business Acumen

As Soundstripe’s VP of Music, you know intimately how the music industry works and perhaps more importantly, where it doesn’t work. You will pair your extensive industry experience with your ability to identify and react to creative trends to impart insight and strategy over the daily operations of Soundstripe Productions. You will oversee all of the label’s daily activities, leading with curiosity and competitive insights to ultimately drive the success of its leaders and teams. You will understand deeply what sets Soundstripe’s model apart, and how we stack up against our competition. You’ll always point us toward the direction of our future success.

Managing Vision and Purpose

As VP of Soundstripe Productions, you will communicate a compelling and inspired vision and sense of core purpose to our music leaders and teams. You will comfortably talk beyond “today”, about the future and its possibilities. You’ll demonstrate optimism, creating milestones and benchmarks for the creative side of Soundstripe Inc. to rally behind. You’ll cast the creative and business vision for Soundstripe Productions, making the vision shareable by everyone. You will inspire and motivate the entirety of Soundstripe Productions.

Building Effective Teams

As the Executive leader over Soundstripe’s music organization, you will demonstrate an ability to effectively blend people into teams. You will identify the talent and experience required to lead Soundstripe’s music teams, and hire to the strengths that will generate results and bring our creative talent together. You will build strong morale and spirit amongst your leaders and teams, sharing wins and successes, fostering open dialogue, and empowering people to finish and be responsible for the work their responsible for. You will be skilled at defining success in terms of the whole team, and in doing so creating a feeling of belonging amongst the music, administrative, and all Soundstripe Productions teams.

Dealing With Paradox

As a creative business leader, you will be forced to act in ways that seem contradictory. Driving results for a creative organization will require you to be flexible and adaptable when facing tough calls. Communicating the “black and white” of business operations within a creative, “grey” organization will require you to be compassionately tough. You will be counted on to drive the business goals of Soundstripe Productions, while inspiring and uplifting the creative output of our artistic staff. You’ll set strong but flexible standards for the music side of Soundstripe’s business. You’ll be counted on to act in a varying and appropriate manner, based upon the situation, and will be seen as a strong yet sensitive and approachable leader despite the conflicting demands of our artistic business.

Strategic Agility

As VP of Music, you’ll be counted on to “see ahead clearly”. You’ll be relied upon to know our market and the emerging trends that will impact our label’s strategic decisions. You’ll base the plans of Soundstripe Productions’ marketing, A&R, and operations on what will work now and in the future. You’ll stay ahead of the industry curve, pushing Soundstripe Productions to be growing and scaling in a way that is always new and innovative. You’ll push the boundaries of the expected, by tailoring and pivoting our label’s strategies nimbly to serve both Soundstripe Inc.’s mission and bottom line.

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