SoStereo – Marketing Director (US)

SoStereo ​is a company at the intersection of music, advertising and technology. Our purpose is to “unlock the marketing power of music”.

By leveraging technology and with over 10,000 independent artists from around the world, SoStereo is helping brands simplify and scale their music strategy and execution in the age of content.

Are you a future CMO? A diamond in the rough that combines strengths in both left-brain & right-brain capabilities? A marketing expert that wants to let your creative legs stretch and run, or maybe a creative leader that wants to get down & dirty in the performance marketing KPI’s? Well then we’ve got a job opening for you.

SoStereo is looking for a Marketing Director; a swiss-army knife to lead the new marketing efforts of a gritty & hungry start-up in the music x advertising x tech space. We are looking for that special someone that has a natural passion for music and advertising, cultural connoisseur, with ample experience when it comes to creating and propelling brand awareness. Experience in developing, maintaining and driving strong brand positioning through strategic marketing initiatives is a must.

Who we’re looking for:
  • Creative​: be able to have a sensibility for creative direction in order to manage & lead the brand’s creative development. Think strategically & creatively to come up with interesting ways to grow awareness, generate leads, and create fandom.
  • Analytical​: must have experience & knowledge of performance marketing. Be able to create dashboards, build KPIs, understand how to track them & use them to inform decision making. Understand the market & different technologies to be able to create and test different lead-gen strategies.
  • Project Management​: A team player who’s able to keep the train running on time, managing subordinates, communicating & coordinating with external resources.
  • Cultural Relevance:​ understands what moves culture, how to build cultural relevance, and how SoStereo can play in that sandbox. We need cultural literacy, cultural savants, that are music and/or advertising nerds.
  • People-Person​: You are an extrovert that always enjoys connecting & networking with people. Creating and nurturing relationships is something that you are comfortable with. You will represent the SoStereo brand and handle yourself accordingly.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the music or marketing industries.
  • English language skills preferred
  • Be accountable and hold direct reports accountable for following through on goals
  • Must excel working independently/remotely while being an amazing team player
  • Ability to travel and attend industry based conferences
Core Responsibilities:
  • Manage marketing across the brand, including creative development, campaigns, social, digital, web content, and strategy.
  • The ideal candidate will be a leader with deep experience and a track record of developing innovative campaigns to drive consumer engagement.
  • They will partner closely with other departments to develop and execute programs that deepen the relationship with existing customers and attract new ones.
  • The role will be responsible for strategy and implementation of digital campaigns designed to generate leads and grow the sales pipeline for the brand.
  •  Drive social media strategy, content strategy, development, and execution across major and emerging social media platforms.
  • Create integrated marketing campaigns to position the SoStereo brand and drive awareness & engagement
  • As part of creating a content strategy & execution, they’ll work closely with content team & external resources to build activation plans and engaging content for socials, website, blog, events, press, advertising, and emails
  • Oversee the work of agency partners, such as advertising, PR, design, video production
  • Oversee the development of brand voice, brand design, and brand messaging
  • Ensure that the organisation’s brand and identity is consistent in all communication
  • Developing and implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.
  •  Develop, strengthen and implement lead generation strategies
  •  Work with the Board of Advisors & Founders to plan the aforementioned strategies &
    campaigns, as well as the necessary KPI’s & tracking instruments to make sure we’re hitting our goals or testing the right things.
SoStereo’s Cultural Pillars:
  1.  We Value our Values First and Foremost
  2. We Strive to Deliver 10 Star Experiences to Everyone We Work With, Including our Team
  3. We Stay Nimble to Embrace Change & Empower Innovation
  4. We Build FUN into our Killer Work Ethic
  5.  We Believe in Freedom, Trust, & Responsibility as Opposed to Process & Top-down Approvals
  6. We Take Ownership & Hold Each-other Accountable to Consistently Strive for Excellence
  7. We Embrace Open & Compassionate Directness to Communicate Clearly & Concisely
  8. We’re Highly Aligned with Context & Vision, While Loosely Coupled to Diminish Centralization & Embrace Agility
  9. We’re Resourceful; We Do More With Less
  10. We Dedicate Time to Learn & Experiment, Always Staying Curious

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