Sony Music Entertainment – Assistant Marketing Manager (Relocation Opportunity) – IN

Assistant Marketing Manager – Diaspora (Relocation Opportunity)
at Sony Music Entertainment UK
Mumbai, India

We have a rare opportunity for an Assistant Marketing Manager to relocate to India, and be part of the Diaspora team in Mumbai. At Sony Music Entertainment we fuel the creative journey by connecting music to our audiences globally. The influence of South Asian diaspora plays a pivotal role in the music and entertainment industry on a global scale. It has permeated popular culture, influencing fashion, dance styles, and even film and television.

You will have an in-depth understanding of Indian & South Asian culture and music, encompassing various genres such as Bollywood, Indian Pop, Indian Hip Hop, Hindi music, Punjabi music and Independent artists, as well as international music. You will have knowledge and experience of the South Asian music scene in places like the United Kingdom, United States or Canada. You will have some experience designing and executing innovative and successful multi-platform marketing strategies, leveraging data and analytics to generate insights and foster innovation of Indian music in the international markets.

We are looking for candidates who are surrounded by, experiencing and consuming South Asian Culture and Music. This role is based in Mumbai, India and you must be willing to relocate to India. It is a permanent role, however we will consider candidates who are looking for a more short term opportunity of 2-3 years. This is an unbelievable opportunity!

Who you are
  • You must be willing to relocate to Mumbai, India
  • Experience of creating, managing, and implementing marketing campaigns
  • Extensive knowledge of social media, including TikTok and Instagram Reels.
  • You will have an in-depth knowledge of different digital platforms and channels relevant to the music and entertainment industry
  • Skilled at utilizing data, analytics, and insights to assess the efficiency, reach, and influence of marketing efforts.
  • Specialize in the music and entertainment sector, with a particular focus on the interests and preferences of the Gen Z/Alpha consumer market.
  • You will have at least 1or 2 years experience working in the music, media or entertainment industry

What we give you
  • You join an inclusive, collaborative and global community where you have the opportunity to fuel the creative journey
  • Competitive salary
  • Complete relocation package including flights, visa costs, initial accommodation and shipping costs
  • An opportunity to experience a fast growing emerging market in the Music Industry
  • A modern office environment designed to foster productivity, creativity, and teamwork
  • We invest in your professional growth & development
  • An excellent range of benefits at par with the current market benchmarks, viz. medical allowance, health insurance, accident cover, retirals scheme and EAP program

What you’ll do

Marketing & Promotions:

  • Develop and implement creative marketing campaigns for priority frontline releases in key markets.
  • Strategize and execute social media and influencer marketing initiatives to maximize audience reach.
  • Establish partnerships with relevant radio stations to promote priority releases effectively.
  • Identify opportune moments, events, and partners to plan targeted marketing campaigns for high-performing music content.
  • Collaborate with Sony Music international affiliates to explore potential releases in their respective markets.
  • Build a network of contacts in new media, influencer circles, and marketing agencies to expand promotional opportunities.
  • Maintain budgets for all marketing activities and produce regular ROI reports as a measurement of the Campaigns

Market and Release Analysis:

  • Based on the streaming performance and market analysis, pinpoint the releases and markets that show potential for amplifying promotional efforts.
  • Look for patterns in successful releases, such as specific genres, collaborations, or target demographics and identify untapped potential. Leverage this information to design marketing strategies and allocate resources effectively.
  • Compare the streaming performance across different releases and markets.
  • Analyze the streaming data alongside other factors like audience engagement, social media buzz, and industry trends to gain a comprehensive understanding

Playlist Marketing & Strategy:

  • Oversee the editorial and curation of Sony Music’s Diaspora playlists on Spotify/Apple Music, keeping a close eye on music charts in India and international markets.
  • Develop strategies to grow the following and increase listenership for these playlists.
  • Utilize playlisting concepts to boost sales for frontline and catalog content.

Product Management:

  • Take charge of comprehensive planning for releases by diaspora artists, including product set-up and ingestion, artist coordination, marketing planning, and post-campaign performance evaluation

Artist Discovery:

  • Stay updated on music-based trends across various streaming services, music charts, and short-form video platforms in both diaspora communities and international markets, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.
  • Identify and provide recommendations for new diaspora artists and music that have the potential for licensing and release opportunities, new diaspora artists, and music for potential licensing and release opportunities.

Equal Opportunities

As an active part of a culturally and socially diverse society, Sony Music’s aim is that our workforce is diverse and inclusive. Sony Music is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.

We employ, retain, promote and otherwise treat all employees and job applicants according to their merit, qualifications, competence and talent. We apply this policy without regard to any individual’s sex, race, religion, origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition or disability.

Privacy Policy

Please click here to read our privacy policy before beginning the application process as you will need to agree to the terms of the policy before submitting your information.

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