Snafu Records – Sales/A&R Executive, Freelance (AS)

Sales/A&R Executive – Freelance, Remote (SE Asia, in particular Thailand or Indonesia)

Who we are: Snafu is a music company that uses technology to find and invest in artists and help their music reach its full potential

The role

This is a target and commission based role for a highly motivated sales professional who is passionate about the music industry. Our sales/A&R executives are the bridge between Snafu and artists. They are responsible for signing artists to Snafu and generating advance funding deals.

Sales/A&R Executives will be provided lists leads with emails with artists recommended by our data-analytics team. They will then send emails to these lists and manage them through our CRM to book calls to qualify, and sign artists to our song management department.

  • Send between 50-200 new lead emails a week through Hubspot
  • Manage responses and sales process from first email to contract signed
  • Complete first pitch video calls to asses artist needs
  • Qualify artists for funding and/or distribution and calculate funding amounts
  • Follow up with cold and warm leads consistently
  • Provide feedback on artist needs to improve our offerings

A Sales/A&R Execive’s role is to generate qualified artists for both funding and also help onboard them. We expect Sales/A&R Executives to do this in 2 ways: through ambitious sales drive and follow up and an understanding of the music industry and artist needs.


This position will report directly to the Head of Song Fund

  • Deploy advances to qualified artists
  • Provide feedback on artist needs to refine offering to continue providing value to artists

Required Competencies/Skills
  • 3+ years experience within commission based sales
  • Highly organized and detail oriented with experience in excel and word
  • Strong understanding of how the music industry works
  • Professional, loyal, focused and a great communicator
  • Passionate about helping artists to succeed

Is Snafu right for you?
  • Prior music industry experience – literacy in music marketing is important
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail – we are a small team, and your work will have a high impact on our artists’ success. Quality and accuracy are important, especially in our fast-paced environment
  • You prefer to forge ahead, rather than wait for orders. Snafu is a dynamic, fast growing team and your role will require autonomy and self-structure
  • You’re eager to learn about the business side of the music industry, and ways to make it a more fair, transparent, and financially sustaining home for artists

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