Snafu Records – Artist Development Manager, Freelance (Remote)

Artist Development Manager – Freelance

Who we are

Snafu is a technology-supercharged music company. This role is within the Snafu Song Management division. Our proprietary algorithms analyze millions of data points from over 150,000 songs per week, identifying the artists whose music is undervalued and needs elevating. We sign artists from all geographies and genres, and use our technology and industry expertise to grow their fan bases and maximize the reach of their releases.

The role

Detailed Job description/responsibilities:

Our artist development managers are our key secret weapon in helping artists grow their catalog and provide them with support for future projects.

Artist Development Managers work directly with talent across a wide range of areas including (but not limited to):

  • social media strategy
  • live strategy
  • artist branding
  • merchandising strategy
  • high level marketing strategy
  • song selection and creative content
  • royalty collection
  • brand partnerships
  • playlisting
  • and anything else an artist might need support with.

An Artist Development Manager’s role is to empower and mentor artists to help with their growth, and help them realize their full potential. We expect artist development managers to do this in 2 ways: through regular 1-1 calls with artists and additional supporting work following the calls.

Secondary role

Once our ARs/sales agents work hard to sign talent to our song management team, and they need support during the process, and in the handover process from sales to finance/operations. The artist development manager will be responsible for this, and must fill out the proper paperwork and interface with the artist and the finance team to make sure the artist is properly set up.

This position will report directly to the Head of Song Management

  • Working directly with artists to help develop and grow their catalog and career
  • Offering both career consultations, mentoring and specialist sessions (expertise dependant)
  • Working close with the Song Management Team team to delivery high quality Artist Development and Account Management

Required Competencies/Skills
  • 3+ years experience within artist/music development
  • Highly organized and detail oriented with experience in excel and word
  • Demonstrable experience of working with talent (mentoring, management, booking, live…)
  • Strong understanding of how the music industry works
  • Professional, loyal, focused and a great communicator
  • Passionate about helping artists to succeed

Is Snafu right for you?
  • Prior music industry experience – literacy in music marketing is important
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail – we are a small team, and your work will have a high impact on our artists’ success. Quality and accuracy are important, especially in our fast-paced environment
  • You prefer to forge ahead, rather than wait for orders. Snafu is a dynamic, fast growing team and your role will require autonomy and self-structure
  • You’re eager to learn about the business side of the music industry, and ways to make it a more fair, transparent, and financially sustaining home for artists

Pay Range:
Between $40-80 per campaign per month (at approx 20/hour) with 30-40 of the same artists needing campaigns.