Small Green Shoots – Managing Director (UK)


Small Green Shoots is a new type of apprenticeship – we are not about “jobs” we are about “careers”. We invest more in our young people from the outset. Small Green Shoots help traditionally underprivileged individuals gain access to the entertainment and creative industries through paid classroom learning and internships, plus access to creative grants. This ensures stable careers for years as opposed to short-term, low earning and unsustainable intern contracts.


Small Green Shoots was founded in 2009. We are dedicated to increasing career opportunities for NEETs (not in education, employment or training) within the music and creative industries. We are the only UK arts organisation with both a black female Chair and black female CEO. We have 85% BME staff and 100% from low-income backgrounds (or parents with less than £24k per annum household earnings).

Founder Natalie Wade acknowledges that some of the shoots will have absolutely no previous awareness of what a ‘professional’ job means, so her approach to training begins with social skills – how to introduce yourself, how to hold yourself in meetings, building confidence, how to write minutes. On the artist side, throughout the past 10 years Natalie and SGS have been vital in helping kickstart the careers of artists such as Jorja Smith, Mahalia and Emelie Sande – providing funding for recording sessions, video shoots and much more.


We’re looking for an engaging, nurturing, resourceful, community minded team player, with excellent relationship building and leadership skills, who shares our vision and values and wants to bring their own ideas and energy to the table. The ideal candidate will be an inspiring people manager, have built credibility in a creative industry (preferably music), have solid business acumen, and previous experience working in either non-profit arts or a youth organisation. A natural communicator, you’ll be as comfortable chatting with our Shoots as you are updating the Board, getting the best out of everyone and making meaningful progress every step of the way.


The Managing Director will lead a staff team of 9, plus 10 part-time trainees and a rolling programme of work-placements. They will have the support of the outgoing CEO who founded the organisation 10 years ago and report to the trustees of this innovative youth-led charity.

We need an MD who can demonstrate their executive leadership skills, a dynamic person with a passion for the arts and the impact of art on the lives of young people. Someone who will guide the development of a vision and strategy for the organisation’s long-term growth and will provide strong leadership for the Board, staff and our young beneficiaries.

The MD will support the organisation in reaching its potential in terms of profile and in realising its goals for artistic excellence, youth training / education / employability within the creative industries, financial stability, fundraising and audience engagement. They will be responsible for galvanising the Board, staff and stakeholders in contributing to and supporting Small Green Shoots mission.

Responsibilities will include:
  • Executive Leadership the organisation, working with the Board to update, maintain, and execute Small Green Shoots’ Strategic Plan.
  • Lead the planning and management of all Development and Fundraising programmes to meet financial development goals. This includes overseeing communication with donors and patrons when it relates to fundraising or institutional advancement, ensuring best practices are being used in stewarding and overseeing our database and ensure that best practices are being used in recording and analysing data.
  • Oversee and manage finance operations and our financial reporting. This includes provision of financial reports to the Treasurer of the Board of Directors and to the wider Board and ensuring financial systems and internal controls are adequate to for Small Green Shoots and guard against fraud and waste.
  • Serve as the lead ambassador of Small Green Shoots in the community, cultivating of donors, funding bodies and creative industries
  • Provide additional support for and attend meetings, fundraisers, events, celebrations etc.
  • People Management; Manage, coach, and supervise Small Green Shoots employees and ensure that our employment policies and reporting are consistent with the Law and our commitments to representation and diversity and are regularly updated/reviewed.
  • Oversee recruitment, training, coaching and retention of Small Green Shoots staff, this includes fostering an office culture of teamwork, generous collaboration, clear communication, effective delegation, and mutual support.
  • Overseeing contracts of staff, freelancers and consultants.
  • Board Relations: Work with the Chair of Trustees to identify need for committees and prioritize work of the Board, provide short quarterly written reports to the Board. Support the development of the Board through active cultivation and recruitment. Serve as liaison between Board Committees.
  • Communications and Technology Management: Ensure that Small Green Shoots has the information, communications, and technology systems that it needs to be effective. Ensuring that our external communications are consistent and representative of the organisation.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Possess demonstrated business acumen along with strong management and leadership skills.
  • Have the vision and enthusiasm to design and execute Small Green Shoots’ development as a charity in the short, intermediate and long-term and help us achieve sustainable growth into the future.
  • Be a passionate communicator with the ability to establish long-lasting, productive, relationships with the Board, staff and community of stakeholders and funders. • Have proven ability to generate earned income and philanthropic support and a passion for organizational development.
  • Be able to deliver compassionate, unique, people centred approach to the job role.
  • Proven executive experience in non-profit arts or youth organization.
  • Previous experience of interacting with Boards, Volunteers and Funders.
  • Proven experience building revenue and philanthropic support, including bid writing.
  • Experience of working with the Arts Council England.
  • Level 3 in Safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults (Desirable). • At least 2 years of experience in youth work. (Desirable).
  • At least 1 year of experience in recruitment. (Desirable).

Small Green Shoots is an equal opportunities employer and believes diversity in the workforce leads to positive and effective working environments.


If you share our vision and values and would like to be part of our team, please send your CV, Cover Letter and any other supporting info you feel is relevant to [email protected] by Friday 14th May.

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