SILO Music – Assistant (to the CEO & Co-founder) (US)

SILO Music is a boutique music-licensing house with a management, publishing, and records arm that works with Music Supervisors and A&Rs in the US and around the world. At our core, we value music and the Artists and Writers we work with. Our aim is to act as a sync incubator and develop our Artists and Writers through music placements in TV, Film, Trailers, Commercials, Video Games and all other media. 

What are we looking for? 

Our ideal candidate is someone smart, extremely organised, and a quick learner that works hard. Someone with a love and knowledge of music and that wants to learn about the licencing management, and publishing side of the biz. Someone with excellent communication and writing skills. Most importantly, someone that wants to be the organizational lifeline within a business. 

What do we require? 
  • A desire to learn all you can about what we do as a company 
  • A love for and knowledge of all types of music 
  • Strong communication skills (written & verbal) 
  • Extremely organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments 
  • High attention to detail 
  • Able to run multiple calendars (Google Calendar) 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite Office and Google Docs 
  • High level of proficiency in design suites (Adobe Creative Cloud / Canva) 
  • Creative and Flexible 

The position would begin ASAP for the right candidate. You are expected to work 40+ hours a week for salary + assistance with medical. 

If interested, please submit your application email and resume to Emma Donahue @

Specific Duties 
  • Runs day to day calendars for CEO & across MGMT / Pub. clientele
  • Setting Zoom or Google Hangout links 
  • Keeping track of addresses / start times / day-of contacts 
  • Day before confirmations 
  • Back & forth on e-mail logistics 
Submitted Songs 
  • Organizes client’s submitted songs in the Song Space MGMT / Publishing folders
    • Uploading
    • Tagging
    • Accounting for writers
    • Creation day
    • Splits
    • Allocating songs in perspective folders
    • Forwarding submitted songs to relevant parties
    • Keeping track of relevant notes regarding songs
  • Update sheet that tracks pre-released songs 
Rolodex Upkeep 
  • Update Artist Sheet 
  • Update Songwriter / Producer Sheet 
  • Aid in further creation of master contact sheet 
Design/Social Media
  • Instagram
    • Create brand-specific posts / captions 
    • Post / maintain content schedule 
    • Tags social media posts
    • High level of proficiency in design suites (Adobe Creative Cloud / Canva) 
  • Assets
    • Design single/EP assets for sync industry releases 
    • Design posters / cards for events
    • Aid in content creation for clients 
    • Assist in photo/video editing where applicable
Release Day Tasks 
  • Submit songs for registration 
  • Update Songspace
    • Cover art
    • Release date
    • Organize in perspective folders
  • Wikipedia page updates
  • Post on social media 
  • Client playlist updates (release specific)
  • Write copy for client bios, press releases & e-mail correspondence 
  • Note taking in meetings 
  • Updating MGMT / Publisher Client plans 
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Suite Office and Google Docs 
Office Tasks 
  • Keep all office supplies stocked 
  • General office cleanliness / maintenance— trash, clean surfaces, dishes, pick up studios after sessions, etc. 
  • Some personal assistance work for CEO 
  • Coordinates birthdays, gifts for clients, special events, SILO: get togethers, etc. 
  • Aids in song pitches 
  • Aids in session ideas

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