Location: Liverpool or London 

Contract terms: Full-time, permanent 

Reporting to: Head of Business Operations, CEO 

Job Summary 

The Client Manager’s central focus is to deliver a first-class relationship & reporting service to  Sentric Music Group’s key clients. The role will play an integral part in coordinating our operational stakeholders to maximise claims and revenue for our catalogues – all while keeping clients  informed of the comprehensive work we undertake for them in the process. 

Job Description 

Client Relationship Management 

  • Ensure a seamless, first-class experience for all Sentric Music’s clients – from initial dialogue  through to signed and ongoing partnerships – using agile work practices to deliver service  timely and to set standards with consistent communication. 
  • Act as Client Manager for a select group of clients and coordinate department activities in  line with agreed service standards: 

ensuring that all clients receive proactive communication through regular calls and  meetings. 

delivering comprehensive reporting and analytics to clients. 

in liaison with clients, develop an ongoing strategy on how to maximise clients’  publishing earnings. 

  • Contribute to the development of Sentric Music Group’s processes surrounding client  interaction, financial reporting and relationship-building. Drive a high level of operational  focus, co-operation and inter-communication between the various departments in order  to service clients to agreed standards. 
  • Contribute to Client Management team meetings, help formulate clear actions, goals and  targets for the team with a focus on delivery for managed clients.
  • Ensure regular meetings are held with other operational stakeholders and teams, setting  out clear actions and addressing any barriers for delivering client services to the high  standards set. 
Reporting, Financial & Data Management 
  • Work with the Rights Management Department to coordinate catalogue ingestion into  administration systems. 
  • Work with relevant departments to collate internal catalogue activity data as required for  client reports, i.e. number of works registered, income claims made, sync placements etc. 
  • Liaise with the Royalties & Finance team to ensure that clients receive comprehensive  financial reporting in line with set timeframes.

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