Red Bull Media House – Music Rights Management Specialist (US)

Red Bull Music Publishing is a business unit within Red Bull Media House North America.

The artist-friendly, independent music industry player within the Red Bull brand network
provides support by “giving wings” to innovative songwriters.

Music copyrights are exploited globally within Red Bull’s own multi-media network of content, through commercial releases, and via media placements by a dedicated and experienced international staff.

Red Bull Music Publishing’s roster includes songwriters and score composers located
around the world, from diverse genres with creative perspectives.

The ideal candidate for the Music Rights Management Specialist position will be
responsible for providing the organizational backbone of this young and ambitious
business unit.

  •  Maintain Music Copyright metadata with 100% accuracy
  • Maintain all metadata databases for various internal partners and outside services
  • Upkeep catalogue registrations with PROs and other Collecting Societies
  • Manage PA and SR registrations with the US Copyright Office
  • Gather and organize all incoming statements for quarterly and semi-annual
    accounting purposes from worldwide revenue sources
  • Assist with administration for synchronization licensing as needed
  • Be personable and extremely detail-oriented with the ability to interface smoothly with business, creative and employee communities
  • Display strong oral and written communication skills
  • Have the ability to multi-task easily within a deadline-driven department
  • Apply above average analytical skills in various contexts
  • Think proactively and bring a positive attitude on a daily basis
  • Exhibit flexibility and willingness to take on additional projects as necessary or assigned
  • Represent Red Bull Media House Music Portfolio at internal meetings and music business events
  • Contribute and share ideas for improved overall department workflows
  • Support Music Publishing Managers in the US and AT
  • In-depth professional knowledge about music rights workflows and administration throughout the global landscape
  • Comfortable with math on a consistent basis and can be easily navigated toward finding accounting solutions
  • Several years experience in major or independent music publishing and record label businesses
  • Very savvy with common digital tools including Excel and PowerPoint
  • A full understanding of accounting procedures and royalty statements
  • Team player with a mature attitude toward work
  • Highly experienced with Music Maestro software is a plus
  • BA
  • ENGLISH. German, Spanish is a plus
  • Just a % of total time:: 10

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