Q Prime South – Digital Streaming Coordinator (US)

In the role of a Digital Streaming at Q Prime South, your primary responsibility will be to facilitate seamless communication between our company and DSP partner platforms, overseeing both audio and video streaming initiatives.

You will proactively seek out playlisting and promotional opportunities on these platforms to drive increased streams and raise awareness for Q Prime South artists. Building and nurturing relationships with editorial teams across the diverse DSP landscape will be crucial to your role. Additionally, you will curate and continuously update custom playlists for our artists, collaborating closely with the digital team to effectively promote them.

Your expertise will extend to optimizing content postings, descriptions, and tags on each platform in alignment with industry best practices, ensuring maximum reach. Rigorous analysis of streaming and playlisting strategies will provide valuable insights into audience preferences for each artist. Furthermore, you will closely monitor the performance and growth of owned playlists, reducing dependence on editorial placements alone.

Collaboration with managers will be essential in producing liners and video content that enhance the platform experience and align with partner requests. You will work in tandem with merchandise and e-commerce teams to capitalize on sales opportunities within the DSP environments. Your coordination efforts will extend to collaborating with label counterparts for each DSP partner, fostering synergistic relationships.

In cases where a managed artist lacks label representation, you will also undertake record label administrative responsibilities for DSPs. Additionally, you will play a pivotal role in guiding on-platform advertising endeavors, sharing best practices to ensure optimal outcomes. This multifaceted role offers a unique opportunity to drive the success and visibility of Q Prime South artists across various digital streaming platforms.

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