Public Pressure – Operations Coordinator (UK, Remote)

Job Title: Operations Coordinator


Public Pressure is a well-funded music Web3 media company, enabling a growing movement of fans, artists and labels to transform the way we experience/collect music and connect with one another.

We are looking for an Operation’s Coordinator to ensure that the Public Pressure team works in harmony, that dependencies are identified and addressed, and that conversations flow efficiently within the team.

Coordinator must have excellent communication and organisational skills and the ability to resolve problematic situations quickly, precisely and with a good eye for detail.

  • Monitor team activities and identify points of friction / dependencies
  • Coordinate core projects tasks
  • Relay information efficiently within the team
  • Track documentation, assets and deliverables
  • Provide secretarial services which will include organising meetings, minute-taking, producing documentation in a timely manner
  • Contribute to the good-keeping of Notion (Public Pressure’s project management tool)
  • Ensuring information actioned in meetings is shared and received by the appropriate Team members in an efficient and timely manner
  • Manage Slack communications and remind the team of required actions that need attending
  • Produce/prepare documentation for the Team in a variety of formats including Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and other reports
  • Provide professional, supportive assistance to VPs, acting as the first point of contact

  • Good general education
  • Qualifications in secretarial or business administration
  • 2 years previous experience in similar role
  • Excellent spoken and written English with knowledge of English grammar and punctuation
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills
  • Experience of Notion, Slack and Google drive preferred
  • Excellent observer
  • Good interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Willingness to further develop skills and knowledge
  • Precise, with strong attention to detail

23-30k depending on experience

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