Prescription Songs – Business Affairs (US)

Prescription Songs, the independent music publishing powerhouse, is looking for a collaborative and experienced attorney to join its staff in Los Angeles. Primary duties will be: (i) to negotiate and draft a variety of agreements related to the music industry, including publishing, recording, producer, music synchronization and music distribution agreements; and (ii) to manage a wide range of business and legal matters, manage data and information related to our agreements, and coordinate with our A&R Dept., Creative Synch Dept., and outside legal counsel.

  • Attorney licensed by the New York or California State Bar
  • 5+ years of experience as a music attorney and/or music business affairs professional
  • Extensive experience in music publishing and significant experience related to the calculation of in music royalties, synch and producer agreements and rights clearances
  • Advanced understanding of current publishing, recording and music industry practices
  • Persuasive and practical negotiation skills
  • Interpersonal client relations skills for managing relationships with lawyers, accountants, writers, producers, artists, managers and our staff
  • Precise and efficient drafting skills
  • Excellent organizational skills

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