[PIAS] – Label Manager (UK)

[PIAS] Artist & Label Services is looking for an experienced Label Manager to join its London-based team.

The successful candidate will have proven experience and understanding of sales, marketing and distribution and a sound grasp of the challenges of the modern music market.

Each Label Manager has an individual roster of labels, for whom they are the primary point of contact, and they work together with the label in all matters relating to the release of a record, liaising with the sales, manufacturing, digital production and distribution teams, advising the label as required.

Key Deliverables
  • Help to grow the profile of [PIAS] distributed labels over the course of the year
  • Help further and increase sales of labels across catalogue and new release
  • Delivering 3 label/retail campaigns across the year
responsibilities will include:
  • Working in tandem with label and sales team to ensure effective scheduling of releases
  • Ensuring timely parts submission to hit release deadlines
  • Overseeing the release process from start to finish
  • Working in tandem with label and sales to provide best advice on release formatting
  • Providing advice to the label and liaison with [PIAS] production on release manufacturing
  • Pricing/ campaigns – demonstrating market knowledge to provide best advice on pricing for new release and back catalogue
  • Retail marketing – working in conjunction with sales and label to provide best possible retail profile
  • Working closely with label throughout a campaign to offer best practice on digital sales strategy including streaming services and YouTube
  • Stock management – where required managing stock levels for labels and providing manufacturing quantities
  • Making best use of [PIAS] internal reporting/ B2B systems to provide analysis for labels and internal staff
  • Advising on general marketing, plot and strategy across all label releases
Skills and Experience
  • A passion and a good understanding of own repertoire and the overall music market
  • Must have a strong understanding of release planning and forecasting
  • Ability to analyse the music market and relevant data
  • Good understanding of International sales for labels distributed through [PIAS] network
  • Needs to be productive, organized and problem solution orientated, demonstrating good decision making skills
  • Good contact base across labels
  • Active interest in the acquisition process
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Team first mentality
  • Strong communicator
Personal attributes
  • Gravitas and integrity
  • Takes initiative and capitalises on opportunity
  • Works to build up credibility and rapport at all levels of the business
  • Takes personal accountability for achieving individual and shared goals
  • Adaptable within a dynamic, changing environment
  • Organised, efficient and effective
  • Passionate about music
  • Languages would be real advantage

[PIAS] champions and supports the best independent music in the world across our unrivalled international network. Established in 1982, we operate 16 global offices – all leveraging local relationships to influence local gatekeepers.

Our collective Mission
  • To be at the very heart of the independent music ecosystem
  • To relentlessly and passionately discover, promote, market, sell and distribute the music of independent labels and artists
  • To spread the music we champion with passion, integrity and care. To help it encounter audiences and success
  • To constantly challenge ourselves to improve

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