PFM Provident – Royalty Manager (US)

Manager – Royalties & Publishing Department – For a Prominent Business Management Firm

Job Description
  • This position will be responsible for overseeing and guiding the royalty team of a prominent business management firm. The Royalty Manager will be responsible for all areas of royalty administration, including but not limited to record label administration, band-member allocations, professional fees allocations and distributions, royalty income tracking, publishing administration, licensing, copyright registration and research, royalty statement ingestion and analysis. The Manager will be responsible for training and developing the department staff, demonstrating professionalism and enthusiasm as an effective role model as well as effectively delegating responsibility, on-the-job training, monitoring performance and counseling.

The following is a list of major tasks that this position will manage and/or prepare:

  • Manage label administration, including analyzing recording, net profit, licensing and other contracts and preparing artist, producer, mechanical and net profit statements for record labels and artists.
  • Handle catalog valuations and transactions from initial receipt of data, summarization and analysis to negotiations with potential buyers to all due diligence requests and any post-transaction work necessary.
  • Preparing joint-venture statements for labels and summaries of financial activity for entry into the Company’s Datafaction software system.
  • Manage client royalty services, including allocations of recording and publishing income payouts to members, ex-members, managers, spouses, etc.
  • Creating participant statements for various client entities and setting up automated processes for sales file and royalty data ingestion.
  • Systematic review of client royalty data to ensure proper payment/credit from all sources, territories and configurations.
  • Working with partners to present data in a concise, useful format for clients and their professional teams as well as extensive communication to discuss and review various royalty issues.
  • Must have high-level Excel skills and some familiarity with royalty accounting software (Record Maestro, Curve, etc.)
  • Negotiating and processing synch and other licensing agreements for publishing administration clients.

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