Nettwerk Music Group – Promotion Manager (UK)

The Promotion Manager’s role is to co-ordinate, arrange, manage and support the promotion of artists being released by Nettwerk UK , wherein one or more aspects of the promotions are not being handled by external third parties. In the cases where the promotions are being handled by external third parties, the promotion manager will support them, ensuring that they have the correct assets, and are well versed in what is happening with said artists so it can be effectively communicated to other territories.

This role will generally focus on print media, and online promotion but will also, under the direction of the UK Label Head, sometimes touch on radio & video promotion.

The goal of this Promotion Manager is to raise the visibility for Nettwerk releases through whichever facets of media are most appropriate for each individual artist. To increase UK success , as well as helping these artists in other markets, such as the US, Japan, etc.

Main Duties


  • In consultation with UK Label Head, devise and execute promotion plans for various Nettwerk artists releases. The focus should include:
    • Print media- specialist music press, national press, lifestyle and occasional regional publications where appropriate
    • Online Press- specialist press music press, from widely read sites such the NME to blogs all covered, along with general lifestyle, national news, and whatever other areas suit the artist in question.
    • Video- looking after delivery to Fastrax, and other services following up with appropriate channels and ensuring that any unique opportunities are taken.
    • Look after the promo schedules for ALL Nettwerk artists that are in the UK, ensuring they are detailed, accurate and communicated to management, tour-managers, out of house third parties and the Nettwerk Label Head in a timely manner.
    • Write and service press releases featuring new releases and Nettwerk news
    • In association with the above, arranging any mail outs required, whether physical or digital.
    • Ensuring that the correct assets are in place with out of house third parties as soon as is possible
    • Follow up with the various media to try and achieve results for the artists being promoted.
    • Be responsible for ensuring the promotional and marketing results achieved for artists are effectively communicated back to the North American and continental label teams in a timely manner.


  • Abide by the budgets being set by the Marketing Manager and Label Head and European GM in respect to the promotions activated for the Nettwerk artists upon which the UK Promotions Manager is working.


  • The Promotions Manager will be part of a small dynamic team in the UK office, working in tandem with the US and European teams and it is important they have a positive willingness to dedicate himself/herself to making the team work internally in the UK, and within the larger global Nettwerk team.
  • The promotion Manager will be involved in weekly calls with US and European Nettwerk offices, to discuss the promotion of the artists that they are promoting, but also those being looked after out of house.

Please send CV’s with covering letter to, stating current salary.

Closing date: 20th May 2016.