Nettwerk Music Group – Marketing Manager (US/CA)

Position: Marketing Manager

Reports to: Director of Marketing

Division / Location: Nettwerk Music Group / Los Angeles, CA / Vancouver, BC

Responsible for: Product Management

About Nettwerk

Nettwerk Music Group is a full-service artist development and music intellectual property brand builder with a history spanning over 30 years. Nettwerk operates a global organization with offices in major cities around the world and an infrastructure to match. At Nettwerk we pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate shifts in consumer behaviour and to effectively leverage technology in order to place great music in the hands of fans. We’re looking for inspired, skilled and energetic people to help us deliver on that promise.

We work with over 100 clients across a variety of genres, with an overarching philosophy to help inspiring artists grow their careers and realize their creative vision.

Position Purpose:

Develop and execute long term marketing strategies for assigned projects in collaboration with A&R, Artists/Managers, and the full Nettwerk team. Lead the team in researching, planning, and execution of all marketing efforts, driving artist campaigns forward with creative and impactful ideas.

The role requires a generalist’s knowledge of key areas such as Internet Marketing, Promotions, Publicity and Sales, but relies on subject matter experts for execution within those disciplines. Further, regular engagement with new platforms and taking the initiative to learn about new marketing ideas and tactics, at a high level, are critical to complete the position’s essential tool-box of marketing ideas and approaches.

Core Responsibilities:
  • Lead all aspects of overall artist development across teams (Publicity, Radio, Sales, Internet Marketing, etc.) to ensure project momentum is maximized and marketing plans are fully executed.
  • Using analytics including DSP & social metrics, continually re-evaluate project and campaign momentum, identifying tent poles and long term goals that guide team efforts.
  • Responsible for creating marketing campaigns and value-added initiatives that support the release strategy and momentum.
  • Manage multiple budgets for each project to ensure the project remains financially feasible; Conduct retrospectives on marketing initiatives to measure effectiveness such as artist growth across applicable social and retail platforms and overall current and long term profitability.
  • Act as primary communication liaison between artist/manager and label staff for each project.
  • Identify roadblocks and challenges with each project and engage appropriate internal staff, in particular assigned A&R representatives, to assist in proactively managing issues.
Outline of Specific Functions:

Strategy Development

Drive all aspects of overall marketing strategy/plan for each project

  • As the overall project leader, manage and foster communication/collaboration across all departments (Publicity, Radio, Sales, Internet Marketing, International) to define, build and execute the marketing plan and strategy.
  • Define and articulate the strategy statement for each project, including a list of measurable and well defined objective(s) and outcome(s).
  • Identify value-added marketing initiatives by seeking out opportunities that support the release strategy. These include advertising, creative partnerships, and leveraging new technologies/platforms on both a national and/or niche/geo-targeted level as required.
  • Managing the overall expectations & execution of project timeline by setting and adhering to project deadlines, communicating needs/challenges/changes, and working with the analytics team to measure effectiveness on an ongoing basis.
  • Through discussion with sales team and A&R, consider schedule for releases during each phase of the project. In consultation with sales, consideration should be given to overall label release schedule/flow to maximize opportunities for the project (ie: avoid pitching conflicts).
Primary Liaison
  • Primary communicator of project information, strategy & updates to all internal departments & artist management.
  • Regular communications including calls & in person meetings with artist managers are expected.
  • Manage the overall expectations & execution of a project by communicating needs/challenges/changes on an ongoing basis.
  • Provide on-site label support at performances and events, as needed
  • Organize regular project team calls and meetings as may be required by the project plan.
Project Budget and analysis
  • Manage/track overall project budgets (including spends in Marketing, Online Marketing, Publicity, etc.) for each project across possible multiple phases depending on the length & velocity of the campaign.
  • Track short-term and forecast long-term expenses to ensure project operations remain within approved budgets and spend is in line with project momentum/revenue.
  • Periodically review against actuals and provide feedback to the team on attainment of financial objectives.
  • Periodically conduct Gap Analysis between financial results and overall artist and project objectives outlined in the strategy statement
Ensure Adherence to Schedules
  • Ensure individual department-level deliverables are on schedule as per the project timeline and marketing plan which includes but is not limited to:
  • Design and delivery of posters, postcards, online assets
  • Full form video content
  • Other marketing tools (ie: social media content, bios)
Project Milestone Analysis
  • Solicit and interpret feedback from each department
  • Using various reports prepared by the Analytics department, interpret trends and indicators and suggest action items to project team members as applicable. ○ Provide the team with overall project progress reports, as needed and through weekly departmental meetings
  • Provide regular updates to artist/managers including the Artist Summary Report when available.
  • Periodically update the wider team on the status of the Gap Analysis.
Key Tools and Technical Skills:
  • Create and maintain the following “live” documents for each artist project using tools such as Excel, Word, Google Docs and Nettwerk’s internal RMS:
  • Artist Summary Report – created by Analytics team – interpret trends and indicators and suggest action items to project team members as applicable.
  • Artist Planning Document – At initiation of project, create the overview document with input from A&R listing tracks, artist comments, artist vision/interests and story, key tracks, possible singles, initial radio/press/promo angles, social and streaming stats to date, tours, genres and key words
  • Marketing Plan – set out overall project strategy which translates down into key strategies, tactics and measurables for each department (A&R, IM, Promo, Publicity)
  • Scheduling – Enter product releases into RMS Scheduling system and liaise with production team to ensure they have contacts required for content collection and product creation.
  • Timeline – set out the phases of the project [Ie: Phase I – Single release, Phase II – EP release , which also tie into Budget phases].
  • List key dates around each phase – promotion, press and tour
  • Provide minimum 6 month forecast of key events, as applicable
  • Budget – Broken out in phases, estimate revenue and expenses related to the marketing plan.

Qualified candidates for this position must have:

  • 5+ years of music industry experience
  • College degree preferred
  • Strong marketing strategy & development skills; willingness to constantly explore new platforms and opportunities
  • Sense of urgency and commitment to meeting deadlines
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with many different departments/personalities
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Ability to work well under pressure and multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, Access)
  • Tech-savvy

Please send cover letter and resume to, with the subject line: Marketing Manager Role. We thank all inquiries, however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Nettwerk is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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