Netflix – Music Clearance Specialist (US)

At Netflix, we are shaping the future of entertainment because we believe there is a better way to watch. Our international efforts have brought Netflix around the globe to virtually all countries and we’re excited to bring even more of our Originals programming to our viewers. With over 100 Million subscribers enjoying great content in over 190 countries, it’s an exciting time to work at Netflix.

This new and dynamic role will support Netflix’s expanding slate of Originals content (Series, Film, Documentary, Comedy, Unscripted and Kids programming). The successful candidate will work closely with our Music Licensing Managers, Music Licensing Contract Specialist and Music Contract Administrator, taking on broad responsibility across all aspects of the music clearance process, for a wide variety of domestic and international productions. This new role will allow someone with the right innovative approach the opportunity to help shape the clearance process. If this sounds like the role for you, then read on for more details…

You will be on the front lines of the production process, forging direct relationships with our filmmakers and producers around the globe, as well as our creative, marketing, business and legal teams to make an impact on our productions and help our filmmakers achieve their vision.

In addition to production matters, the Music Group has global responsibility for Netflix’s music business, which will give you the opportunity to learn more about what makes us a unique global company in this space, as well as to be actively involved in expanding our scope.

As a seasoned Music Clearance Specialist, you love music and everything about the music process for audiovisual production.

You know the ins-and-outs of the music industry and music licensing, including the significance of master use, synchronization and public performance licenses and the essential rights that must be covered in each deal. You know everyone in the industry: record companies, publishers, music supervisors, music libraries, production houses, music editors, artists, songwriters and managers. You know exactly who to call to expedite negotiations.

You think having multiple quotes (synch and master) for the same song makes complete sense, you’re used to clearing songs with as many as 5 or more rightsholders, and you’re not fazed by split territory deals. You know what action to take when a rightsholder redlines or stamps your quotes and why it’s important to do so.

You know who to contact for that obscure track from the 1970s and, if necessary, you’re ready to suggest alternate tracks if it doesn’t clear, even if you’re not in a “creative” role in the traditional sense. You are the first to caution against a “fill in the blank” or “cut and paste” approach to music clearances; in fact, you understand that there is much nuance to each deal and there is no detail that is too small or insignificant. You’re not intimidated by a high volume of clearances and you’re able to combine pace with a high level of precision and professionalism. The music production process for original content is second nature to you – from script to budget to on-camera and through to delivery, reviewing and negotiating licenses forms and compiling cue sheets – you’ve mastered it all and feel comfortable working independently through the process.

You have the nuts-and-bolts, now are you ready to be part of the Netflix team?

Do you also love working in an environment where freedom and responsibility are a tenet, and passion, innovation and curiosity are mandates? That curiosity is a plus for those who seek a role like this with unique opportunities to expand and grow beyond one’s immediate area of expertise, and to collaborate with colleagues in our domestic and international offices who share your passion for music, copyright and the entertainment industry. Do you also seek an environment that places thoughtful efficiency over process, yet you know how to work with organizations or institutions who may not hold the same beliefs? Are you able to successfully juggle multiple projects, keeping everything organized, fueling your effectiveness? If this prospect spikes your interest, then Netflix and this role may be the right opportunity for you.

This role is based in Netflix’s Los Angeles office and reports to the Manager, Music Licensing of the Music Group, part of the Business & Legal Affairs team at Netflix. The Music Group is based in Los Angeles, London and Berlin and is responsible for all of Netflix’s global music business and strategy, from the production and licensing of Netflix Originals through to the distribution of the Netflix service globally.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Onboarding and overseeing music supervisors, and serving as the music clearance and licensing contact, for certain productions.
  • Administering music clearances from the start and through license review and negotiation, including: reviewing scripts to identify music and/or lyrics requiring clearance; researching music ownership; preparing, reviewing and securing music quotes from labels, publishers and music libraries; tracking rights, including media rights and in-context promotional rights, to ensure consistency with what’s required for each production; monitoring music budgets; maintaining and reviewing clearance reports; collecting and reviewing song credits; and ensuring accurate legal delivery of music clearance documentation.
  • Coordinating with internal and external stakeholders, including our creative, Business & Legal Affairs and production teams, as well as music publishers, record companies and composers (and their managers and/or attorneys), regarding music clearances and license fees.
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating, redlining, tracking and administering master use, synchronization and performance licenses, as needed.
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships throughout the music industry.
  • Following industry trends for new business/content opportunities.
  • Participating in other projects specific to Netflix’s music needs.
  • BA/BS degree and 5-10 years of direct music clearance experience in the music department at a major production company, film/television studio, television network, music publisher, record label, or law firm. Experience in a production company, film/television studio or television network is highly preferred.
  • Understanding of master use, synchronization and performance licenses with the ability to meaningfully discuss license issues with internal and external stakeholders. Direct experience in reviewing and negotiating such licenses is highly preferred.
  • Unparalleled organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Clear and concise communication skills.
  • Ability to distill salient points and present issues succinctly.
  • Ability to work proactively, independently and reliably on multiple projects under tight timeframes in a fast-paced production environment.
  • Highly collaborative with the ability to respond positively to change, feedback and new ideas.
  • Ability to pivot quickly, be resourceful, think practically and be solution-oriented.
  • Curiosity and eagerness to tackle additional projects as needed and tackle matters outside area of expertise.
  • Tech-savvy individual proficient in Gmail and Google Docs with a strong sense of how cloud-based document and database systems are used in a modern business environment.

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