Music management company – day to day artist manager (US)

A high profile music management company is seeking a day to day artist manager to be based in Los Angeles.

Tasks for the role would include…
  • Assisting with planning and implantation of artist music campaigns, including global release schedules, promo, social media plans, press, marketing and touring.
  • Assisting with artist brand development – non-music related activities such as film, fashion, merchandise, tv/film and charity
  • Booking and scheduling complex travel plans, promotional meetings/appearances, studio and performance time, which includes completing visas, accommodations, itineraries, backstage coordination, etc – for artist and relevant team members.
  • Act as key point of contact for all third parties, filtering information as needed to the artist manager and often acting as a central point for third parties to communicate/exchange information: record labels/publishers/agents/press agents/lawyers/business managers etc.
  • Efficient daily communication and information flow with artist ensuring confidentiality and discretion at all times.
  • Acting as key representative for artist on location when manager is not present inclusive of promo activities, photo shoots, touring, festivals, and other events
  • Supporting artist personal requirements when necessary, including organizing and maintaining artists properties and scheduling/upkeeping various appointments
  • Assisting with booking and daily management of grooming and stylist teams
  • Assisting with tour merch, liaising with artist and manager to plan, design and produce large tour ranges for global distribution, pop-up stores, and so on
  • Assisting with guest list requirements
  • Building and maintaining artist sponsorships
  • Coordinating managers and artists daily diary, and ensuring both sides have the information and assets they need to facilitate a seamless relationship

Those interested should email a resume to [email protected]

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