Monstercat – Music Director (US)

Monstercat is seeking an experienced industry expert to lead and grow our music team. Over the past three years Monstercat has grown considerably, now over 50 staff operating 3 offices in Vancouver, L.A. and Singapore.

Over the next four years Monstercat has its eye set on breaking artists, achieving hit records, diversifying our genre offering and expanding our music influence globally.

Reporting to the CEO and liaising closely with the Commercial and Marketing Directors, the Music Director will have necessary support and resources to be successful in prospecting exceptional artists, signing great records and positioning the music in front of new and existing fans.

Future Positioning & Strategic Planning

The role of the Music Director is to manage the music procurement and performance of all Monstercat music labels. This entails market research and the continual assessment of consumer taste changes and genre trends to identify new artist and label opportunities, positioning Monstercat on trend. You have the ability to clearly lay out strategies, scope resource requirements and align key activities to drive results.

Performance Management

You evaluate the success of music performance regularly and advise accordingly, maintaining an agile approach. You are able to conceptualize new tools, dashboards and systems to make decisions with data. You are organized and an exceptional communicator with the ability to mobilize, align and motivate people.

Business Development & Stakeholder Management

Monstercat’s growth has been built on strong relationships. Your experience lends itself to a wide network of artists, potential partners and stakeholders that are a phone call away to support you and the team in achieving strategic objectives.

Artist & Repertoire Management

You have worked with artists in all stages of development. You can hear music and understand creativity in a way that you can spot exceptional talent and develop the strategy around them. You will be working with multiple Lead A&Rs across the company to ensure talent is effectively managed across and between labels.

  1. Refine the creative strategy for Monstercat Uncaged and Instinct
    • Define artist target list and A&R strategies to sign great records
    • Ensure priority artists and projects are communicated to the company
  2. Manage Monstercat’s music procurement strategies
    • Direct and support A&Rs in signing musical works from targeted artists
    • Ensure a healthy music supply across all Monstercat properties
  3. Monitor music performance across all properties
    • Liaise with Commercial & Marketing Directors to evaluate performance
    • Define team priorities accordingly to drive growth
  4. Develop and manage relationships with key stakeholders
    • Attend networking events and host stakeholders at the L.A. house
    • Build brand equity in artists and industry stakeholder communities
  5. Fulfil operations management responsibilities
    • Annual strategic planning process, quarterly assessments, town halls
    • Team alignment and performance management – compensation & bonus
Skills & Experience:
  • 10+ years’ experience in music brand and artist development (pop/electronic music is a bonus)
  • Strong strategic planning competencies and communication skills
  • A proven track record in prospecting artists, facilitating collaborations and signing performing records
  • Extensive network with artists and key music industry stakeholders
  • Comprehensive music business knowledge and understanding
  • Knowledgeable on current consumer trends, music history and digital music
  • Strong analytical skills to assess artist and release performance
  • Experience managing a team and/or multiple label properties
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong project management skills to manage multiple projects simultaneously,  deliver on deadlines and adhere to the labels standard operating procedures
  • Capable of managing ambiguity and responding to a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • A tenacious self-starter with the ability to work independently and as a part of a team
  • Strong intuition and problem-solving skills with the ability to think out of the box
  • Willing to work nights, weekends and travel as needed

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