Lateral MGMT – Management Assistant (UK)

The role of management assistant will assist the artist manager across all areas of their day-to-day operations of the artist’s business.

These duties will include but not be limited to the below functions:
  • Diary management for Artist & Artist Manager
  • Logistics and contracts for live performance, endorsements, campaigns, album releases, recording and promo schedules, working closely with record labels and agents where required
  • Logistics, travel, styling, hotel and restaurant bookings for Manager and Artist where required
  • Creating and managing budgets relating to artist promo and live events where required
  • Accompanying artist on Radio & TV promo, TV shoots, ad campaign activity, high-profile events where required and ensuring external parties abide by contractual agreements
  • Managing inbound inquiries for all opportunities relating to the artist.
  • When Live dates are confirmed you will be expected to manage crew & artist logistics
  • Arranging Studio Sessions
  • Maintain Dropbox documents relating to artist campaign
  • Manage Contact Database
  • Manage Artist’s Song database during recording periods
  • Write up Meeting / Conference call minutes where required
  • Manage communications between Day2Day management team and artist
  • Trouble shooting and defusing calls
  • Managing Personal appointments for manager & artist where required
  • Collect and Submit Artist Manager’s expenses (collect receipts, fill in forms)

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