Kobalt – VP Brand Marketing (US)

AWAL and Kobalt are looking to hire a brand marketing leader experienced in developing brands, campaign planning, and leading multi-channel marketing activations, based in New York.

The ideal candidate will have a natural affinity for storytelling and brand positioning through design and creative messaging.

She/he will be a cultural maven with an eye for what’s next in media and popular trends, a strong, passionate leader and a well liked, respected team player.

Obsessed with our target audience and the marketing funnel, this role will lead our internal design team, integrated marketing, and our creative agency relationships.

Reporting to the CMO, she/he will work closely with VP PR & Comms, VP Content & Events, VP Growth Marketing & Analytics, VP Kobalt Marketing, Director Marketing UK and Europe, and each of the channel experts across the marketing team.


As streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music continue to grow, more people around the world have access to more music than ever before. And with the world’s catalog of music at our fingertips, and the ability to share and discover new music through thousands of different playlists, more new music is being listened to than ever before. Gone are the days when the gatekeepers chose what the world listens to. Today, the people choose.

This opens up an entirely new ecosystem for independent artists to find new audiences without going through the traditional record label system. As long as artists can get on these new services, and somehow break through the noise – whether that’s through playlists or social media or playing good old fashioned gigs every night – for the first time in history, independent artists can build a sustainable career in music without a label.

AWAL was founded to do just that – help independent artists develop their careers without giving up their rights, freedom, control, and the majority of their profits to a traditional record label. As a Kobalt company, AWAL is at the forefront of technology, empowering artists, and driving transparency across the industry.

While this role is primarily responsible for brand and campaign marketing for AWAL, she/he will also work closely with team in marketing Kobalt’s music publishing, neighbouring rights, and collection society (AMRA) businesses, as well as the overall Kobalt Music brand itself.


  • Devise integrated marketing campaigns to position the AWAL brand and drive engagement toward converting high quality leads
  • Work closely with marketing team to build activation plans and engaging content for socials, website, blog, events, press, advertising, and emails
  • Oversee the work of external agencies, such as advertising, design, video production
  • Build and present creative briefs for both internal team and agencies
  • Develop and oversee brand voice, brand design, and brand messaging
  • Develop both large-scale campaign themes and activations, as well as everyday content production to support AWAL’s content marketing team
  • Review copy and design for all promotional materials
  • As Brand “gatekeeper”, ensure that the organisation’s brand and identity is adhered to in all communication channels
  • Work closely with VP Growth Marketing & Analytics to track and evaluate campaign KPIs
  • Manage centralized brand designers and integrated marketers
  • Ensure accuracy of marketing materials and provide formal sign off
  • Keep abreast of current cultural and marketing trends


  • Team management: Managing people and external agencies is critical to the success of this role. Mentorship, inspirational leadership, and team building are essential.
  • Communication: Excellent writing & verbal skills are a prerequisite in order to convincingly articulate and “sell in” campaign ideas, brand voice and positioning, and creative direction to multiple audiences, both internally and externally.
  • Creative: Adept at creating emotional connections through storytelling, with a keen eye for aesthetics. Requires experience in developing various creative collateral, i.e. online/outdoor/print ads, brand videos, merch, fliers, pitch decks, etc.
  • Project management: As a campaign planner working with a budget and a deadline, driving activations across multiple teams, for multiple projects, and ensuring KPIs are met along the way, the ability to manage details at a large scale is essential.

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