Interscope Geffen A&M – Label Rights Manager (US)

IGA is home to some of the biggest artists in the world including Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, U2, Lady Gaga, and many more. As a leader in the music industry, we are always looking for talented and driven individuals to join our family.

This role is supporting a new business process at UMG where all deal-operating parameters, rights and royalty provisions are authoritatively established up-front and in a single system of record that is designed to flow these parameters to downstream commercial teams that need to know what we can and cannot do with our content. There are significant expected benefits in both servicing revenue opportunities as well as improving downstream efficiencies in many areas.

Job Functions:

Codification of deal operating parameters

  • Working with A&R Admin and Label Attorneys to ensure he/she is aware of all deals that may impact what we can do with our repertoire and how we need to pay out against our repertoire (e.g. artist deals, side artist, soundtrack, sample, producer deals, (re)mixer deals, label/profit split, photographer, designer, video production, and any related amendments)
  • Ensuring that any such deals identified are fully codified in Rights Hub as soon as possible so that they are available for linking to repertoire in Studio Hub and so that these deals may be sent to UMG’s Global Rights System (GRS)
  • Communicating with Production and Marketing teams to identify acts that intend to release “rush” product to ensure all relevant deals are codified and entered into Rights Hub prior to scheduling.
  • Obtaining Deal Memos or agreements from Label Attorneys and codifying in Rights Hub as soon as the deal operating parameters have been agreed, even though the deal may not necessarily be fully executed
  • Liaising with Label Attorneys re any deal interpretation questions and required operating policy overrides so that these can be communicated to Central and commercial teams via Rights Hub/Studio Hub and any other relevant downstream systems.
  • Working with Royalties BA to ensure that the Royalties provisions are codified in a timely manner
  • Managing the communication between Royalties BA, Strategic Ops., and Label Attorneys to clarify royalty provisions or deal operating parameters as it relates to the Rights Hub system, on an as needed basis.
  • Facilitating the approval of all rights and royalties codification by the relevant Label Attorney within Rights Hub
  • Uploading any relevant documentation into Rights Hub, and properly summarizing the relevance of such documentation.

Linking of content to the deal operating parameters

  • Reviewing A&R admin deal linking and working with the relevant Label Attorney and A&R Admin to ensure Studio Hub Projects are linked to the correct Contract and Recording Commitment
  • Linking ancillary agreements (e.g. producer, mixer, side-artist, sample license) to the applicable Producers, Mixers, Side Artists, and Samples in Studio Hub in a timely manner


  • Sending codified deals from Rights Hub to GRS once they are fully executed (or earlier if the label intends to immediately release product)
  • Liaising with Central BA regarding any discrepancies caused by the transformation logic or legal interpretation disputes
  • Confirming relevant provisions with the Label Attorney who negotiated the agreement during any interpretation disputes

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Maintaining the Contract Negotiation Status and Deal Entry Status in Rights Hub for the all deals as this impacts scheduling of product.
  • Updating artist entries by entering the title, release date, and delivery status of any Recording Commitments delivered, indicating the current Contract Period, and further updating the entry by reflecting any relevant contractual amendments and deal overrides.
  • Identifying and discussing any significant issues or “big-picture” questions regarding Rights Hub with Label Business Affairs, as it may affect Label’s or Center’s operations on a prospective basis.
  • Working with Label Business Affairs and Strategic Operations to suggest changes and improvements to the Rights Hub and Studio Hub template/process e.g. due to omissions; evolving rights acquisitions or rights restrictions, changes to standard forms, data entry flows
  • Testing of any delivered changes to Rights Hub to ensure that they work as anticipated
  • Managing the Deal Operating Overrides for the label where applicable
  • Ensuring compliance at the label re timely and accurate rights management process
  • Keeping accurate and updated logs of all deals entered into Rights Hub, any bugs/glitches, or suggested improvements to Rights Hub.
Job requirements


  • Outgoing personality. This is not solely a “data-entry” position. It is managing the communication of our rights so the person needs to be able to liaise with multiple departments
  • Willingness to aggressively chase down agreements (directly from Label Attorneys, A&R Admin, Clearance BA)
  • Ability to quickly integrate with the BA department to ensure that everyone is ‘in the know’ with regard to upcoming signings, ‘rush’ scenarios, etc.
  • Ambition to work toward continual process improvement (faster codification time, etc.) and willingness to suggest improvements to the process or systems used.
  • Willingness to chase Label Attorneys to resolve issues quickly and obtain BA sign off for the deals captured
  • Interest and participation in debates/conversations regarding legal interpretation
  • Comfortable doing a rights management role rather than ambitions to use it to move into a deal negotiation role immediately
  • Ability to quickly become familiar with and work within numerous UMG systems and understand how each one impacts the release process.


  • Music Industry legal experience
  • Familiarity with recording agreements
  • Familiarity with business process workflows (i.e. following a pre-defined business process , understanding how one’s role helps to achieve the overall objective)


  • Law, paralegal, or other related degree
  • Task oriented
  • Ability to stay on top of multiple initiatives at one time
  • Ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure