Integrity Music – Digital Sales & Marketing Director (UK)

Here’s who we are

For over 4 decades, Integrity Music has been championing the power of church songs and hymns: we believe they change our perspective, our lives and our communities. Our family of songwriters and world class artists include Worship Central, Matt Redman, Martin Smith, Rivers & Robots, Danny O’Callaghan and Lucy Grimble.

From our new home in the heart of Brighton, we are re-inventing ourselves for our next season, it’s an exciting time to be part of this team. Your passion for songs and technology, social media and analytics will help us drive engagement.

In this new role, bringing marketing and sales teams together, you will be responsible for facilitating an innovative, disruptive and forward thinking digital marketing and sales strategy, to advance the Integrity Music story and it’s family of primarily music based products.

Your strong leadership and interpersonal skills will inspire your marketing and sales team, enabling them to achieve more and reach their potential as well as raising the impact and engagement of the songs and resources we create.

This role has a strong emphasis on marketing our products in the digital space, developing new opportunities for sales and strategic partnerships for the songs and music services we offer. Your ability in the online space will help maximise physical sales but transition us into a fully digital music label and song publisher.

Position Requirements:
  • Formal Education:
  • Whilst a degree in digital marketing is helpful, we know that great people in this space sometimes have a different journey, so send us your CV anyway.
  • Experience in a similar role within a global brand, in the area of marketing, sales, strategy and content creation.
    You will need to be passionate about Christian worship music and have a knowledge of churches and movements in the UK and Europe.
Specialized Knowledge/Certification:
  • Exceptional knowledge of social media, SEO as well as physical product marketing into stores. Experience of working in a creative music marketing environment is a bonus.
Working Conditions:

Comfortable working conditions, handling light weight, intermittent sitting, standing and walking.

  • Working environment – open plan and co-working spaces with some noise
  • Detail-oriented work requiring mental acuity and accuracy.
  • Normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) are typical but must have a willingness and flexibility to attend events and work in the digital space during evenings and weekends.
  • Some travel will be required.
Job Description:
  • Oversee the development, management, coordination, and execution of all marketing plans, budgets and strategies, and implement tactical plans that meet and/or exceed budgeted company expectations.
  • You will instigate and set the digital road map with the team and lead a visionary digital sales strategy. Your work will inspire the stakeholder artists and songwriters who are part of Integrity Music.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with external strategic partners, distributors and digital platforms. Ensure interaction and co-ordination to execute releases at the best possible pricing and collaboration.
  • You will be able to report to the senior management team on sales and marketing – updating data and sending through financial analysis and updates on a weekly basis.
  • Bring storytelling excellence to all consumer and gatekeeper focused digital communication and media. Inspiring the people who hear our story to value our songs and brand through brilliant content and consumer engagement. This will define a compelling end to end consumer journey, that is refined to keep it relevant and serve those who consume our music.
  • You will allocate resources and hold the team accountable to clear KPIs in the areas of sales and marketing. Through data analysis, you will measure team effectiveness. By knowing what works, you will grow it. By understanding what doesn’t, you will stop it.
  • Build and engage in the development of a global Integrity Music culture of collaboration. You will, in partnership with our US office, help to build a world-class, diverse global team across all disciplines (Digital, Media and Consumer services), developing the team that every other music brand wants to hire.
  • You will quickly understand music services and be able to see how we can serve others where they are at, rather than forcing them to fit in with our plans – this personal and servant style strategy will set you apart from template driven sales.
  • Research and analyze economic trends, buying habits and the demographic characteristics of consumers, their preferences and purchasing habits for Integrity Music products and those of competitors.
  • You will be a respectful thought-leader within Integrity for all things digital sales and marketing, your expertise will be valued and trusted. We hope you will create a culture of proactive and transparent-communication to share expertise and work across the entire business.
  • Live your role, inspiring those around you to deliver outstanding work, that engages consumers with our songs and content.
  • Your energy and drive will see you move faster than the industry you are in. Unearthing new opportunities and partnerships that deliver new sales channels, working with these partners you will deliver outstanding work that surprises consumers whenever Integrity Music turns up.
  • This role requires someone who will do the work, leading by example, be out and about and causing disruption in our market segment.
  • Collaborate with global and domestic A&R, Publishing, Commercial Partnerships, and Operations teams to identify and secure music services partnerships with artists and labels aligned with Integrity’s mission and vision.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

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