Influencia – Marketing Manager (US)

Title: Influencia Marketing Manager

Languages Required: English & Spanish
Location: Miami

Job Description

Influencia is a division of Happy Studios, an international music marketing agency that creatively engages with record labels, distribution companies, and artist management companies to promote artists, and their music, on social media.

At Influencia, we focus on influencer partnerships for latin-based creators, and work with social media influencers to use TikTok and Instagram to promote sounds.

As a marketing manager at Influencia , you will be actively involved in bridging the gap between record labels, music marketing agencies, brand agencies, and social media creators, to design creative marketing campaigns for our clients.

You will help mentor our talent to grow their audiences, monetise their platform, and tailor their content to the requests of the businesses we collaborate with in engaging and innovative ways.

You will also work with other members of the team to establish and strengthen the close relationships we have with our clients – ranging from Fortune 100 companies to industry-leading record labels – to fully understand their advertising needs.

Through this job we will actively train and support you to perform to the high standards Reign Talent is known for.

Please send a resume to to show your interest to this position.

  • Industry Experience with TikTok, not necessarily related to digital strategy / content.
  • Experience with short-form content creation
  • An innate understanding of current Gen-Z culture and social trends

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