Influence Media Partners – A&R Researcher (US)

A&R Research Role

The A&R Research role will be responsible for finding recording artists and songs using analytical tools and data, along with gut instinct A&R and ears.

  • Organize and then evaluate new artist submissions
  • Actively search blogs, social media and charts for potential new talent
  • Attend local shows and industry showcases and report back to supervisor
  • Research and evaluate new music performance using a variety of internal and external platforms, dashboards, etc.
  • Monitor social media, charts, music blogs and digital magazines for music premieres and top chart/playlist placements
  • Generate weekly reports to brief team on artists of interest
  • Create artist-specific reports detailing audience growth and consumption relative to similar artists
  • Compile and monitor stream count and social media metrics for priority artists
  • Identify and interpret relevant data in the context of the current music landscape
  • Assess and summarize tendencies in consumption source across genres/subgenres
  • Proactively identify additional areas for analysis and identification of new artists
  • Track global independent artists and labels, identify potential partnership opportunities

Who you are
  • 3-5 years of experience in A&R Research
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to multitask and juggle multiple projects throughout the day.
  • Extensive knowledge of different DSPs and social media platforms as well as Music Connect, Mediabase, Chart Metrics, Shazam, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of the independent music landscape and associated information sources (blogs, magazines, etc.)
  • Expertise with aggregating and manipulating robust sets of data to draw tangible insights
  • Ability to quickly acclimate with internal data analysis tools

About Influence Media

Launched in 2019 and led by Lylette Pizarro, Lynn Hazan, Rene McLean, and Jon Jashni, Influence Media Partners (“Influence Media” or “Influence”) is a music and entertainment company that is transforming the music space by partnering with artists to protect and invest in their legacies.

Backed by BlackRock and Warner Music Group, and headquartered in New York, Influence’s latest fund invests in the recording and publishing rights of artists, songwriters, producers, and music entrepreneurs who create songs that resonate throughout pop culture.

Influence’s approach is rooted in hands-on, collaborative partnerships, leveraging the company’s unmatched experience to further the global reach, growth potential, and streaming success of the works that the company helms.

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