IndieFlow – Community Manager (Remote, US)

Community Manager
Remote United States, New York, New York – Nashville – Austin / East Coast

Job description
  • Manage and head all online and offline activities for IndieFlow community of artists with the top line goal of increasing activity within IndieFlow’s music management software.
  • Manage an active community on IndieFlow Discord channel towards increasing activity within the Discord community.
  • Organizing and leading creative sessions on the Discord server, listening session, accountability groups and offices hours with the goal of assisting beginning and emerging artists.
  • Managing IndieFlow’s social media channels (Instagram, TikTok & Youtube) towards increasing online presence and engagement with the IndieFlow brand.
  • Organizing, leading and presenting IndieFlow within online and offline events, videos and webinars.
  • Identifying relevant online and offline partners together with the IndieFlow content and artist development towards creating relevance
  • Initiate marketing activities with the goal of generating demands and relevant leads
  • Leading and tapping into social media active musician Facebook groups.
  • Establishing thought leadership in the music industry community with the purpose of increasing IndieFlow’s exposure.

Job requirements
  • Music background in marketing and growing independent musicians – a must
  • Past experience in growing Instagram pages and engagement – a must
  • Past experience in growing social media presence on TikTok & YouTube – an advantage
  • 2+ Years in community management and online marketing – an advantage
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to read and translate customer needs to community offering.

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