Hopeless Records – Physical Sales (US)

Company: Hopeless Records
Title: Physical Sales
Location: Van Nuys, California

The Company

Hopeless Records is an American independent record label headquartered in Van Nuys, California. Founded by Louis Posen in 1993, the mission of Hopeless is to make a positive impact through music and art.

Constantly adapting to the ever-fluctuating alternative music scene, the Hopeless roster has ranged across an increasingly diverse set of sounds and sub-genres including artists such as All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold, Neck Deep, Sum 41, Waterparks, Taking Back Sunday, Illuminati Hotties, Foxing, De’wayne, Scene Queen, Fame On Fire, Stand Atlantic, The Wonder Years, Sullivan King, and many more.

Beyond the Billboard top ten albums and millions of records sold, Hopeless is known for its charity and advocacy work. Sub City, its charity arm, has raised over $3 million for more than 50 causes, while the Songs That Saved My Life series focuses specifically on mental health and suicide prevention.

Position Summary

The Physical Sales role is part of the overall promotions, sales and stream team, and is responsible ensuring that the Hopeless catalog and frontline releases have the optimal presence and sell through globally for physical product, namely vinyl, but also some CD, cassette and merch.

The role works closely with Hopeless physical distribution partners in each territory (e.g. AMPED in the US) and larger music retailers. The role reports to the head of promotions and streaming and is based in the company’s headquarters in Van Nuys, CA.

Specific Responsibilities
  • Work closely with the head of promotion and streaming to establish an overall strategy for physical sales.
  • Partner with A&R, marketing and production, inventory and supply chain to anticipate and plan for upcoming releases and campaigns.
  • For each release, get immersed in the artist’s vision, and coordinate with colleagues in production so you can best represent each release to distribution, retail and D2C partners.
  • Collaborate across the promotions and streaming team to identify synergies in the selling of physical product as an integral part of each campaign.
  • Oversee all catalog sales including standard repressing and creating and selling reissue, anniversary and special products.
  • Manage distribution partners and actively pursue all channels including D2C, online and brick and mortar retail, and maximize sell through.
  • Develop and execute compelling co-ops, discounts, exclusives and other programs in partnership with key retailers.
  • Create one-sheets for each release specifying all relevant meta-data; use a format that is mutually agreeable with distribution partners.
  • Leverage a range of data sources such as social media, Luminate, Chartmetric to accurately forecast and meet fan demand for each release.
  • Stay apprised of trends in music, vinyl, fan demand and pressing capacity.

  • 3+ years of experience in vinyl or other physical product sales at either a record label or music distributor.
  • Experience dealing with alternative artists is preferred.
  • Demonstrated positive working relationships with music distribution and retail partners.
  • Global experience with or strong exposure to distribution partners, retailers and fans in multiple territories preferred.
  • Mix of skills in sales, account management, and project management.
  • Experience creating one-sheets and in developing and running retail sales programs such as co-ops, discounts, exclusives.
  • Track record in making data informed decisions to match production allocations to fan sentiment and demand.
  • Successful track record of interfacing across an organization including with promotions (social media, publicity,
  • DSP/streaming, radio and digital sales), marketing, A&R and finance.
  • Proficient in all basic office computer skills (e.g. email, Google suite, Excel, etc.).
  • Understanding of and affinity for the community and genres important to Hopeless Records and their artists.
  • Detail oriented with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Responsible, trustworthy, friendly and able to uphold the Hopeless company principles at all times.
  • Highest level of integrity, resourcefulness, resilience and work ethic.


Competitive salary, incentive and benefits will be offered, commensurate with the role and experience of the successful candidate. Depending on the exact knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, contacts and location of the final hire, a base salary is budgeted between $65K to $80K.

Equal Opportunity & DEI

Hopeless Records is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, age, or any other status protected by law.

Further, the company strives to create a diverse, welcoming, equitable and inclusive environment for all applicants, employees and partners.


Please apply to the role directly through LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3589806519 before May 25, 2023. Or to apply or recommend a qualified candidate, please send a resume to Ash Dillion at Ash@EnterGain.com or James Celentano at James@EnterGain.com and include “Physical Sales, Hopeless Records” in the subject line.


The job description above is intended to set forth the general nature of the work that will be expected of the person who takes on this role.

The job description is not, however, meant to be construed as an exhaustive list of all the duties and responsibilities required for this role.

From time to time, all personnel may be required to perform duties outside their normal responsibilities as needed.

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