Hipgnosis Song Management – Senior Product Manager (UK, US)

Senior Product Manager – Hipgnosis Song Management

Here at Hipgnosis Song Management (HSM) we are hiring this exciting position to join our team. With a proven track record in project management, we are seeking a dynamic and experienced Senior Product Manager.

HSM is one of the fastest growing managers of songs as an asset class in the world. We now manage $2.5bn worth of music assets, including iconic song catalogues of artists (including Blondie, Chrissie Hynde, The Chainsmokers, Shakira, Neil Young, Justin Timberlake, Leonard Cohen) as well as the songwriter talent behind global artists like Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Disrupters in our market, we have made songs an investable asset class and brought Hipgnosis Songs Fund to the public market via an IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2018 and have ambitions to acquire many more catalogues over the next 2-3 years.

We not only acquire songs, we ensure our incredible songs are actively managed through all available platforms, channels and technologies.

The Role

The Song Management team is responsible for the active management of the HSM portfolios. To prove we can create alpha and that we are the ideal manager for catalogues we require a product manager to execute the marketing strategies the EVP and SVP of digital have put into place.

The Product Manager will have responsibility for marketing campaigns, ensure that a basic operational checklist is completed and provide reporting on results achieved both against the priority catalogue system and the wider portfolio.

This role will both increase the revenue of portfolio songs and further illustrate we should be the premiere destination for active catalogue management which will attract more fees.

Key Responsibilities
  • Execution of the operational checklist against all catalogues in portfolio
  • Execution of white glove campaigns for artists and songs in the priority system
  • Liaising with DSP’s and social partners on opportunity tracks and partnerships
  • Liaising with label catalogue teams to advocate for our songs
  • Liaising with artist management
  • Monitoring data and dashboards for opportunities
  • Reporting on progress to executives
  • Liaising with external agencies to ensure our investment is being maximized
  • Overseeing budget and liaising with finance / Plotting return on marketing activities
  • Timeline management – ensuring execution happens according to plan

  • Have experience in project management
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Computer savvy (Excel is a must)
  • Great organizational skills
  • Experience in budget management
  • Having experience using Tableau, Sata and SQL, Graphic Design, Short form video editing and Photoshop would be a great addition.

We are looking for someone who would ideally have several years of experience in a major label being responsible for product management, marketing or working in a digital role.

Location of work: London, New York, LA or Nashville. Right to work in these locations is essential. We are not able to provide sponsorship.

Follow this link to find out more or apply: https://hr.breathehr.com/v/senior-product-manager-33475

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