Happy Studios – TikTok Content Manager (US)

TikTok Content Manager

Happy Studios is an international music marketing agency that creatively engages with record labels, distribution companies, and artist management companies to promote artists, and their music, on social media. Please see here for our current list of clients. Traditionally, we’ve focused on influencer campaigns, however we are expanding into digital strategy and content creation for artists on the TikTok platform.

We are looking for you to unique creative content ideas specific to TikTok to promote the digital presence of our artist clients. You’ll work with the Happy Studios team to pinpoint, develop, and ideate TikTok content ideas, using your creative capabilities to bring ideas to life through short-form content.

Please include any TikTok accounts that you have run, if applicable, within your application.

  • Industry Experience with TikTok, not necessarily related to digital strategy / content.
  • Experience with short-form content creation
  • An innate understanding of current Gen-Z culture and social trends

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