Good Soldier Songs – A&R Coordinator (UK)


Good Soldier Songs, one of the UK’s leading independent music companies, is looking to recruit an A&R Coordinator.

Applicants for the London-based role should send their CV to

duties will include: 
  • Responsible for timelines and production deadlines
  • License requests approvals, signature, delivery
  • Deliver to DSPs
  • Register PPL
  • Shazam register
  • Produce label copy
  • Collate stems
  • Arrange writing/recording sessions, hold mastering
  • Arrange travel for musician, artists, writers and A&R
  • Equipment hire for recording/live
  • Engage legal to paper – mixer, producer, musician agreements – ensure management have approved
  • Collate budgets for approval (internal and artist) – ensure all labels approve their share of costs if the artist is licensed to certain territories
  • Issue remixer agreements and MU forms
  • Ensure paperwork for photographers/videographers/production companies
  • Register recordings with MUSO to take down illegal file sharing