Good Soldier – Digital Manager (UK)

London-based independent music company Good Soldier is seeking a Digital Manager.

The successful candidate should have experience of execution and planning of digital campaigns within the music industry.

  • Execution and planning of in-depth digital marketing strategies across Good Soldier’s roster.
  • Digital Marketing requires diligence and careful checking at each stage – quick execution of fast paced tasks and constant checking of results to make sure we are hitting targets and maximising budgets.
  • The ability to think quickly, solve problems and recall precise information under pressure is key.
  • Some experience within working within the music industry would be preferred.
Digital Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, Google ads
  • Using an agreed strategy as directed to set up and manage Facebook/Instagram/Google ads
  • Executing funnel marketing to engage new fanbases
  • Responsible for keeping within budgets and executing the most effective spend for the campaign
  • Checking ads multiple times throughout the day
  • Using learning from campaigns to inform audience building strategy ongoing
  • Detail reports of effective marketing – what targets are working, what targets are not
  • Breakdowns of money spent on the campaign – reporting daily spends
Community Management
  • Ensure all descriptions and metadata are correct on all video uploads
  • Working alongside the social media marketing role to reply to comments and engage with the fan community
  • Artist inbox management, organising requests and messages – marking and labelling to easily find quick results
IAMPOP messenger platform + Email marketing
  • Engaging with our fan communities for all artists using forward thinking technologies as messenger bots get more sophisticated
  • Creating engaging email marketing campaigns for all artists

All applications to please be sent to

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