Frontiers Records – Label Manager (IT)

Frontiers Records is a Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Metal and Progressive Rock music label based in Napoli, Italy.

It is seeking a Label Manager to focus on European Markets, and a general knowledge and background in these musical genres will be preferable.

The company works with artists such as Michael Bolton, Night Ranger and Steelheart, amongst many others.

The role will require:
  • Schedule releases internationally, collect preorders and prepare the initial manufacturing quantities;
  • Keep relationship with distributors and process orders and reorders;
  • Oversee the promo campaigns via promo personnel to be chosen by the label;
  • Keep relationship with artists and work and implement taylor-made marketing plans for each release;
  • Overseeing catalog promotions and general ongoing relationship with distributors and partners;
  • Business development of the Frontiers label on all levels (including Live shows where applicable);
  • General assistance on the marketing campaigns for the label’s releases;
  • PR with managers of artists Frontiers plans to sign and generally assisting in the “sales” pitches when Frontiers tries to sign an artist and also during the production of the album (ie. chasing and helping artists who are delaying the album deliveries etc);
  • Traveling, based on pre-approved budgets to meet with marquee artists and managers signed to the label when new albums are being planned, major tours are kicking off, video shoots, assistance on album productions etc.
  • A&R support where applicable.

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