Foreign Family Collective – Product Manager (US)

ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective seeks Product Manager.

Full Time position with salary commensurate with experience.

There is no set location for this role, but Los Angeles or New York are preferred.

  • Minimum four years full-time product management experience at an established record label or equivalent label services provider.
  • Product managing album and single campaigns for Foreign Family Collective, helping our artists maximize their potential by introducing sales strategies across streaming, digital and physical.
  • Helping to generate and implement exciting, effective marketing campaigns around FFC releases worldwide, not just North America.
  • Overseeing releases from inception to post-release marketing, including arranging promotional events and live activity, hiring retainers and other third parties for marketing campaigns, and driving and managing those campaigns.
  • Relationships required with key individuals at radio, press, DSPs, digital and live, with ability to carry out direct promotion on releases.
Job description:

This role will be busy and demanding, and require both creative flair and an ability and enthusiasm for administration. An eye for detail will be essential, as will a strong knowledge of online trends and tools, and social networks. A good knowledge of and enthusiasm for the live music scene will also be important. Though not required, basic online/ digital/ design skills (HTML, Photoshop) would be considered a plus.

Appropriate experience in the music industry is essential, and we won’t consider applications from candidates without it.

Detailed duties:
  • Facilitate digital / physical singles and album deliveries, setting up releases and ensuring logistical release processes run smoothly and effectively.
  • Creating detailed reports of all marketing work on individual campaigns, to ensure that all results are communicated to FFC staff, distribution, digital sales team, external marketing agencies and artist management.
  • Co-ordinating marketing teams; hiring PR, radio etc, driving, monitoring and motivating external agencies, enhancing their work via your own relationships with radio and press, and managing the wider team on releases to ensure effective work
  • Creating and maintaining campaign timelines, briefing teams and spreading release information efficiently.
  • Suggesting and implementing creative marketing on your campaigns as well as conducting industry research and sales targeting.
  • Suggesting and implementing core marketing on your campaigns via retainers (radio, press, online, TV etc etc.)
  • Suggesting and implementing advertising on your campaigns, and analyzing advertising and marketing to ensure effectiveness.
  • Overseeing the ‘bigger picture’ on campaigns and ensuring all areas of a campaign are working properly and feeding off each other.
  • Briefing managers and artists on the campaigns you’re running for them.
  • Working with FFC team and other staff on sales / marketing strategy, and implementing that strategy with an aim to building presence across worldwide media.
  • Overseeing live activity on your campaigns, and generating it alongside other staff. Developing regional promotions that connect with our Artists’ live touring.
  • Generating / pitching creative ideas for album and single campaigns, including retail point of sale, online ads and virals, posters, stickers, press angles, live shows, art events, guerilla activity, merchandise etc.
  • Co-ordinating domestic manufacture of posters, stickers, merch etc.
  • Artist liason and accompanying/ organising artists at promo and events.

Please email [email protected]com with your resumes.

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