DreamTeam – Global Project Manager (UK)

DreamTeam is a London-based boutique artist services company, established in 2019 in London by Jane Third and Vincent Clery-Melin.

We work for independent artists, helping them grow their business through a combination of audience development, business strategy and hands-on global marketing. We assemble a dream team of partners around the world to perfectly match the needs of each artist. We are a fast-growing start-up company which aims to provide maximum focus to a very small number of clients. Our current active roster includes Jungle, Cautious Clay, Yung Lean and Lily Allen, among others. We also provide strategic consultation for a small number of leading music companies, such as Mom+Pop Records and YEAR0001. 

We’re looking for a dynamic self starter to join our two co-founders, work very closely with our artist and manager clients, 

You are most likely already working in the music industry in a similar or adjacent role, such as client/label/project management at an artist/label services company, or in marketing, international or product management at a label, with several years hands-on experience in one, or preferably more than one, of these of these fields.

This is a role for a self-starter; you need to be versatile, adaptable, eager to learn, and able to think on your feet. You also need to be a “doer” and hands-on in your approach to work. You also need to be highly organised and methodical, and your interpersonal skills must be excellent, as you will be working with different stakeholders such as artists, artist managers, distributors and label services companies. 

What will the Global Project Manager at DreamTeam do ?
  • Oversee timelines and the execution of global or regional marketing plans for designated DreamTeam artist / label clients. 
  • Liaise with all stakeholders – artist management (and/or label) team members as applicable, distributor/label services teams in multiple territories, 3rd party publicists and pluggers in multiple territories, external marketing teams, external DTC companies, merch companies, tour promoters / ticketing companies and more – to manage the flow of information, lead 3rd party teams’ efforts, and hold team members accountable for their deliverables.
  • Oversee (or from time to time directly manage) the delivery of the music, and the rollout of all assets for designated artist campaigns.
  • Oversee(or from time to time directly manage)  with distribution partners the origination of digital and physical formats for designated artist releases.
  • Monitor campaign results and generate reports for DreamTeam management teams and clients.
  • Manage marketing budgets.
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience at a music distributor, artist or label services company, label or artist management company.  
  • A strong understanding of the inner workings and deliverables required for the life cycle of global music releases, as well as digital and physical distribution, metadata and marketing, as well as a solid knowledge of the DSP landscape insofar as it affects marketing campaign. 
  • A general grasp of working releases in a global marketplace, with international marketing experience a definite plus.
  • Great team leadership skills and ability to motivate, manage and hold to account multiple stakeholders of different areas.
  • Highly advanced organizational skills, with the ability to multitask and prioritize to tight deadlines. 
  • Excellent communication skills , ability to interact effectively with different stakeholders across all levels of business and relationship building skills.
  • A diligent, accountable and generally positive problem solver.
Why us ? 
  • This is an opportunity to join an ambitious start-up business in the fast growing field of independent artists. Joining the company early means there’s a lot of room for personal and professional development.
  • Vincent and Jane, the founders of DreamTeam are industry veterans with vast experience working with artists and building successful companies in the independent sector, and they love sharing that experience as well as learning from their colleagues.
  • This is the opportunity to work closely with a small number of great artists and their managers and be right where the decision are made that make a difference to an artist’s career. 
  • We truly dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible service for our clients, and always put the artist’s needs first.

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