Defected – Publishing A&R (UK)

The Publishing A&R is primarily concerned with working in an A&R capacity with the writers and producers signed to Defected Music, and ensuring the accelerated growth of the Publishing company through new signings, usages and collaborations.

The role is also responsible for overseeing the administrative side of Defected Music, working in sync area of the business and providing general A&R input for associated record labels – Defected, DFTD, Classic Music Company & Glitterbox. They work within both the A&R and Business Affairs teams.

  • Management of writer / producer A&R in conjunction with A&R Manager
    • Represent the published producers / writers and their catalogues
    • Sign new repertoire and writers, build on roster of published writers / producers and works
  • Responsible for securing collaborations and ‘top lines’ for existing publishing roster (producers & songwriters), internally & externally
    • Increase awareness and profile for all Defected signed producers / writers on business-to-business level
    • Build and maintain relationships on a business-to-business level, driving collaborations and usages for producers and songwriters
  • Provide highest level of service to producers / writers and management on publishing roster
  • Build and maintain relationships with sub-publisher, BMG, providing link for sync / A&R and other opportunities
  • Manage copyright queries, duplicate claims and disputes with BMG’s Copyright department
  • Oversee accurate royalty statement roll-out with BMG royalty department
  • Oversee the processing of all new works and agreements to ensure they are accurately collated for registration
  • Oversee catalogue database updates as the company acquires rights to new works & catalogues
  • Provide A&R input across all associated labels with the Defected stable
  • Liaise with other rights holders on incoming and outgoing publishing sample clearances and negotiate on behalf of clients when relevant
  • Maintain and build relationships with music supervisors, creatives and catalogue representatives. Grow contact database.
  • Increase B2B awareness by promoting recording & publishing catalogues to music licensors covering all media types (Advertising, Film, Trailers, Games, etc)
  • Liaise with A&R department and business affairs on a monthly basis to execute sync mail out
  • Respond to briefs with assistance from A&R where relevant
Key Skills
  • A genuine love and passion for music, and a deep knowledge of house & dance music
  • Strong organisation skills and exceptional attention to detail
  • Excellent multi-tasker, quick learner, problem solver
  • A hunger to find & develop new talent
  • Excellent networker – with ability to quickly form and maintain relationships
  • Understand business & financial impact of signings / deals
  • Understand music publishing, copyright and contracts
  • Basic understanding of licensing – sync and sample clearances
  • Previous A&R experience is preferred

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