Concord – Senior Manager, Streaming (US)


With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Miami, London, and Berlin, Concord has a diverse and vibrant roster of active recording artists, composers, and songwriters, and a vast and historic catalog of works by some of the most treasured names in music history.

As the Senior Manager Streaming, you will lead strategic streaming marketing conversations and act as a liaison between the artists/managers, labels, label services, & the DSPs.

In this role you will:
  • Initiate, develop, & execute on marketing strategies in conjunction with the labels with the purpose of increasing digital streaming revenue & raw streaming numbers across the various DSPs
  • Analyze data & research (artist history, benchmarks, previous campaigns, current efforts, etc.) to formulate cohesive budgets and plans leading into release campaigns
  • Aggregate department “asks” & relay to the artist management & label teams to allocate and distribute needed resources for execution
  • Create, distribute, & regularly update best practices & procedures for artist teams & labels to maximize potential across the DSPs, and increase streams, placements, & fan engagement for our releases
  • Reflect, analyze, and adjust plans accordingly throughout release campaigns to ensure realization of established goals
What you’ll do:


  • Act as support to department heads to ensure that all needs – across streaming, digital marketing, & advertising, are voiced internally
  • Fill in for/join department heads during executive meetings (budget, label executive meetings, artist/management meetings, et al) to make sure the department is accurately represented
  • Give regular updates on DSPs, department workflow, artist signings, & campaigns to department head, executive leadership, & the board
  • Establish and improve upon workflow. Break down issues, work together with other departments and labels to fix issues, establish productive & constructive conversation, and keep the lines of communication open
  • Work with other streaming directors to ensure all department needs are met – internally, with other departments/label services, and with the services themselves
  • Delegate responsibility across streaming directors
  • Ensure that all on the same page with the potential for campaigns at the respective DSPs
  • Encourage healthy & regular communication across the board throughout the course of a release campaign

Be a resource and ally for department coordinator

  • Delegate appropriately, ensure their industry and personal education is progressing for their own edification and the benefit of the business
  • Answer questions, be available for support & leadership, establish expectations, & ensure they achieve their goals
  • Regularly edit & check their work for accuracy while being a transparent leader
  • Teach them why they’re being asked to do what they’re doing
  • Ensure they understand why changes were made so that they can anticipate them & mitigate issues in the future
  • Encourage them to be self-starters & not always wait for direction
  • Ensure that their work is done on time & other department leads are not negatively impacted by any mistakes, lapses in due dates, or otherwise
  • Encourage them to speak up & make their voices heard as significant & crucial members of the team & the greater Concord business
  • Regularly travel for internal & external business meetings (including those with artists), events, conventions, seminars, & festivals to become a face for Concord, expand on internal & external working relationships, and create rapport with artist/management teams & DSPs


  • Keep on top of changes at each of the DSPs and send timely updates on these changes to the labels
  • Appropriately pitch all releases to the DSPs with established goals & marketing strategies for placement on & off platform
  • Research ways the DSPs can impact our campaigns & pitch new ideas to them
  • Ideate creative opportunities with the DSPs, artists/managers, labels, & internally with our department & execute on these ideas throughout the course of a campaign
  • Set regular business review meetings with the DSPs
  • To ensure they are fully up to date on changes within Concord labels
  • To properly set up priority releases on a monthly/quarterly basis
  • To meet with priority artists & management who can speak to the releases appropriately
  • Keep an eye on month over month & year over year revenue changes for Concord at the DSPs – both in comparison to ourselves and in comparison to changes in the industry
  • Dedicate resources to adjust our overall approach depending on what these numbers are telling us about Concord’s standing industry-wide
  • Keep an eye on week over week, month over month, quarter over quarter, & year over year streaming % changes for top Concord streaming artists/projects & analyze the reason behind said changes
  • Ensure that any drastic changes are addressed appropriately
  • Pivot during campaigns & adjust appropriately depending on what these numbers are telling us
  • Regularly push the DSPs to expand on their stated definitions of genres across the board & their internal reception and amplification of specific genres & ideas throughout the industry (i.e. attention paid to secondary genres like kids’, jazz, classical, et al)


  • Attend industry events, festivals, talks, & conventions to keep up to date on trends and industry changes to ensure Concord label artists are leading the way in the industry, not just reacting to it
  • Read, watch, listen to, & experience industry news to expand on personal and professional creativity and understanding of the business
  • Keep up to date on industry reception of partners/DSPs, shareholder information, financial standing, subscriber changes, et al to ensure we’re aware of, and engaging appropriately with our partner businesses


  • Help to create artist budgets for our department using historical stream/sales analyses, & industry benchmarks
  • Represent department feedback in budget meetings with department heads & justify our decisions based on established project goals * historical analyses
  • See budgets through during 12-month campaigns (& thereafter) to make sure we’re on track & pivoting/adjusting where needed


  • Collaborate with 7 Concord labels to strategize marketing plans for upcoming releases and campaigns
  • Attend marketing meetings to give updates on the DSPs, establish goals for upcoming projects, adjust/pivot in current campaigns to realize established goals, and reflect on past campaigns for analysis
  • Set expectations with artists/managers & labels to ensure that we are all on the same page throughout the course of a campaign
  • Make sure that labels have what they need from our department to best understand our efforts across the board
  • Make sure our team has the resources it needs from label/artist teams to be successful at an artist/campaign level
  • Regularly educate the labels on what is changing at each of the DSPs & within the industry as a whole

Team/structural changes

  • Process between the labels, label services, the DSPs, & listeners
  • Keeping current on what “success” means generally within a digital landscape & adjusting that definition as the landscape continues to change
  • Information on new start-ups, businesses, ideas, and opportunities throughout the industry for the benefit of our artists & campaigns
  • Create, distribute, & regularly update best practices & procedures for artist teams & labels to maximize potential across the DSPs, and increase streams, placements, & fan engagement for our releases
What you need to Succeed:
  • Minimum 5 years of music industry experience, preferably at a record label or distributor
  • Experience working with Spotify and Apple Music a plus
  • High level of organization & time management required
  • Must be highly proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Regular travel required
  • Experience overseeing and training junior team members required
  • Experience working as a liaison between multiple teams & seeing campaign execution from beginning to end
  • Experienced knowledge of label relations, streaming account workflow, & processes
  • Knowledge of and working history in a wide variety of music genres a plus
  • Must have high level of established communication skills
  • Ability to work in high pressure situations
  • Ability to efficiently manage a high number of projects at once
  • Establish positive relationships with executive staff
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong data-entry skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, take ownership of tasks, and delegate appropriately
  • Must be able to work well on various teams of peers

At Concord, we offer comprehensive medical and wellness benefits, generous time off, parental leave, charity match, paid time off for volunteering, and other fun company perks. We have beautiful new offices and a culture committed to supporting everyone’s growth and development.

Concord is an equal opportunity employer. We employ, train, compensate and promote regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law. We believe that diversity, inclusion and equity is paramount for the creation of music, theater and film that celebrates and empowers all cultures

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