Concord Records – General Manager/SVP Marketing (US)

Position purpose

To conceptualize and lead label’s marketing strategies in order to achieve optimal results for our new records as well as our artists’ careers overall.

  • Develop and oversee all marketing strategies and initiatives for the labels’ artists and their new releases
  • Lead and motivate the label team as well as all shared services and partners to ensure successful execution around all new release projects
  • Interact with all artists, managers and agents
  • Ensure financial goals for the division are obtained
  • Contribute to A&R strategy and the label’s roster and artist development

Overall Division Direction

  • Work in conjunction with the President in setting all parameters for the growth of the
  • Interact with entire staff at Concord Music and communicate effectively
  • Seek new opportunities and methods to effectively market and sell our product
  • Work with the President on overall financial planning and facilitate the process to meet our projected goals
  • Assist in the development of our creative/A&R profile and direction

Marketing Initiatives

  • Work with VP of Marketing and Project Managers to develop marketing strategies and campaigns for every artist/project
  • Communicate with staff, as well as artist management, to clearly articulate our goals, strategies, and expectations for each campaign
  • Work with all departments for input regarding artists: sales, streaming, art, publicity, marketing, radio, licensing, new media and international
  • Develop, maintain and review all budgets as they relate to each campaign
  • Look for creative opportunities to gain exposure for our artists outside the “normal” marketing sphere and work with the various departments
  • Work with all departments to create new initiatives for the company to effectively maximize consumption of our music
    Maintain excellent and productive communication and relationships with artists and their representatives (managers, agents, etc.)

Budget/Financial Planning

  • Work with the President to coordinate and implement all financial aspects of the division
  • Attend meetings and interface with the various departments (i.e.; P&L, Budget meetings)
  • Create and implement all budgets in conjunction with the various Department Heads in the Company (i.e.; Sales, Marketing,
  • Streaming, New Media, Promotion, Publicity, International, Finance, etc.)
  • Analyze and help create all budgets for the Division and its labels
  • Analyze all marketing budgets and ensure that we remain on target with our expenditures as we roll out each campaign


  • Provide guidance and leadership to all of the staff members in our division
  • Provide a conduit between all departments in Concord Music
  • Provide information and feedback when requested to the corporate officers of Concord Music

General and Other

  • Work cooperatively with other departments within Concord Music to assist and implement the goals established for the overall growth of the company
  • Create or maintain relationships with outside vendors as it relates to specific projects
  • Attend industry/artist functions as a representative of the company
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in the music industry
  • Deep knowledge of all aspects of music marketing
  • Ability to effectively lead diverse groups of people
  • Complete understanding of all aspects of the music business
  • Deep appreciation for music
  • Experience in artist development
  • Travel
  • The ability to work, communicate and interface with others
  • The ability and willingness to listen
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

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