Concord Music – Senior Director of Copyright (US)

Concord Music is looking to hire a Senior Director of Copyright oversees the Concord Music North American Copyright department, with personnel in Nashville, Los Angeles and New York.

Responsible for key client interaction, deal interpretation and processing, and liaison to all internal departments, external parties, as well as senior management.

Oversees the daily activities of the Copyright Department including catalogue ingestion, new deal implementation, rate reviews, registrations, mechanical and permission licensing, conflict resolution and data management.

Core Responsibilities:
  1. Manage Key Client Interaction: Act as face of US Copyright department with key clients including all queries, disputes and conflicts. Attend new and existing client meetings.
  2. Manage Internal and External Relationships: Act as first stop for all copyright issues with Concord’s internal departments and senior management as well as with outside PROs, Harry Fox, and other external parties.
  3. Interpret Contracts and Oversee Ingestion of New Works: Review and interpret all new contracts; supervise notification, registrations, and data ingestion for all new clients/catalogues; notify international offices and sub-publishers of all North American signings and deliver all necessary data and information.
  4. Supervise Conflict and Dispute Resolution: Supervise all counterclaims, contested shares, and other disputes, updating all systems and parties of resolutions.
  5. Supervise US Copyright Registrations: Oversee registration for all newly owned and represented works as well as newly created work from existing divisions (e.g. R&H, B&H)
  6. Oversee Mechanical Licensing: Transition mechanical licensing for all publishing entities, creating new systems and processes for in-house licensing.
  7. Supervise Permission Licensing: Manage all permission requests and licensing, primarily for R&H and B&H, for textbook uses, lyric re-prints, and arrangements; including internal and external approvals.
  8. Supervise Data Management: Oversee copyright data management and delivery of such to outside parties; with ongoing review and clean-up of iMaestro information, rates, client data, etc.
  •  10+ years of experience in music publishing copyright
  • Experience with iMaestro and Music Maestro systems
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Staff management experience
  • Knowledge of US and International copyright law

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