Concord –  Copyright Associate (US)


With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Miami, London, and Berlin, Concord has a diverse and vibrant roster of active recording artists, composers, and songwriters, and a vast and historic catalog of works by some of the most treasured names in music history.

The Copyright Department ensures all new clients are set up in the Vistex iMaestro System with accurate song shares and royalty rate information and that claims are perfected at all PROs and MROs, worldwide. Ensuring the highest level of catalog administration and royalty collection for our clients.

As the Copyright Associate, you will handle timely processing of data updates (songs, clients, royalty rates) and ingestion of new catalog metadata via the data import module. Respond to catalog inquiries and assist with reporting and analysis.

In this role, you’ll play an integral role in updating royalty rates in iMaestro. Assist with new catalog and metadata imports into iMaestro system via the catalog upload function and bulk amend features. Review and clean up song catalogs with PROs/MROs. Process song delivery CWR files from foreign affiliates. Review, research and provide timely responses to information requests from Business Affairs, affiliates, clients and PROs.

Outline of Specific Functions:
  • Enter/update client royalty rates, rate variations and sub-codes. Must be familiar with using the bulk amend feature.
  • Review and extract relevant information (rate, payment, etc.) from publishing agreements for entry into system
  • Review, correct and manipulate large metadata spreadsheets for importing into the iMaestro system
  • Song research using PRO websites/portals, agreements/schedules, etc.
  • Follow up with PROs, Affiliates and Sub-Publishers and Digital Service Providers to ensure accuracy of claims
  • ACK file error reports – review errors/rejections and correct iMaestro to ensure the song’s CWR registration is accepted by the PROs
  • Resolve split disputes with co-publishers directly, and perfect claims at PROs and MROs
  • Handle data updates and client and rate cleanup resulting from client inquiries
  • Research in a timely manner rights queries and information request from Business Affairs, Licensing, sub-publishers, writers, clients, etc,
  • Liaise with Creative and Business Affairs as necessary for documentation
  • Various projects as assigned by management
  • Minimum 3 years experience working for a music publishing company.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience using iMaestro and skilled with setting up clients, songs and royalty rates.
  • Good knowledge of general copyright administration, including resolution of disputes and counterclaims
  • Excellent Excel skills and experience working with large data sets
  • Strong mathematical skills and understanding of royalty rates
  • Positive, flexible attitude and personality
  • Excellent communication skills: online, phone, and in-person
  • Capable of working independently and with several colleagues in different teams, in different locations

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