Chosen People – Assistant To Day To Day Manager (US)

Chosen People is hiring for an assistant to the day to day manager in LA.

We are looking for someone who possesses strong organizational, communication, and project management skills.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Organize and upkeep various docs pertaining to artist touring, marketing, social media, yearly
    calendar, and other elements of the artist’s career.
  • Coordinate digital advertising campaigns through Chosen People team including trafficking
    assets, tracking performance and sharing reports.
  • Coordinate and assist with digital campaigns and marketing and promotion initiatives.
  • Work hand in hand with artist, managers, and label reps to collect music metadata and credits for
    album release from Artist Management, Producer managers, mixers, engineers, etc.
  • Help create and track budgets for marketing, promo, and album releases.
  • Attend and assist events such as showcases, music videos, and content shoots.
  • Collect artist social stats and update artist analytic dashboard.
  • Run various errands for artist during the week.
  • Assist with packaging and mailing out prize items, promo materials, etc.
  • Possesses a professional demeanor in high-stress environments maintaining composure under
  • A discerning self starter who is able to make decisions and prioritize without supervision
  • Strong attention to detail and cognizant of big-picture concepts as well as granular elements.
  • Ideally, the candidate has the ability to think preemptively and accurately assess the needs of
    others, anticipating potential problems and planning backups.
  • Must have a car
  • Must have own computer
  • Strong knowledge of Social Media platforms including but not limited to TikTok, IG, Facebook,
    Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, etc.
  • In-depth understanding of Google Suite particularly utilizing Sheets to track projects, budgets,
    and promotional requests for artist.
  • Able to juggle multiple projects that overlap responsibilities and shift priority and reschedule
    workflow efficiently where needed.
  • Someone who is tech and internet savvy – ability to problem solve and find solutions when issues

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