Chosen People – A&R Intern (US)

We’re looking for an aspiring and passionate A&R intern to join our team part time in Los Angeles.

As an A&R intern, you will be responsible for finding promising new artists, writers and producers for our roster. You will assist in signing and developing artists, securing co-writes and collaborations for our current roster, and become a trusted liaison between our team and external management, label and publishing teams. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated and creative, with excellent communication and strong business skills.

Previous experience is desirable but not essential, most important is a good ear for talent, and the ability to identify emerging trends within the music industry. Our company is based in London but we are looking for A&R Scouts from across the UK, who can find and recommend the best new writers/producers from their local area.

This is the perfect role for anyone who is always on the lookout for new music and cares as much about the songwriters/ producers behind the scenes as the artist.

  • Find and develop new talent for Chosen People
  • Assist with the recording process, and communication between all contributors
  • Continuously build relationships with new artists and managers, A&Rs etc. 
  • Establish relationships with our current roster of artists
  • Assist the needs and maintain frequent contact with our current roster of songwriters, producers and artists
  • Assist in creating pitches for signed artists and writers to labels and producers for potential collaborations and placements
  • Able to assist with various managerial tasks for Chosen People
  • Cataloging of current roster records and consistently updating catalogue accordingly
  • Pitching for sync opportunities using current catalogue 
  • Passionate about music and self-motivated
  • Understand the A&R and recording process
  • You have a baseline understanding of the music marketplace
  • Excellent communication and relationship management skills
  • Be involved in the music scene and have your own network complimenting ours 

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