CD Baby – Senior Product Manager (US)

As a Senior Product Manager for CD Baby (and other associated brands), you will be responsible for delivering incredible value to our community of independent musicians and creators, as well as creating and supporting tools for our internal users.

We empower our users with a full suite of products to run their digital business, including content ingestion, catalog management, supply chain, analytics and royalty reporting solutions. CD Baby is a leading technical partner for the independent music industry, and we’re looking for someone who is genuinely excited to help solve these complex problems with us. In addition to serving external users, Product Managers at CD Baby also work with internal users to build and support internal applications.

In your role, you will articulate a clear vision of the goal you are working to achieve. You will work closely with Software Engineers, Product Designers and our expert business and operations teams to understand business needs, shape and deliver features that solve problems and deliver value.

Essential Functions:
  • Balance requests from a wide range of inputs (internal business owners, stakeholders, third party partners and external users), understanding and prioritizing this work to guide the Engineering team to deliver the most impactful releases
  • Deeply understand the challenges that you’re tackling through research and regular interaction with users (internal and external); define and frame those problems for the engineers
  • Collaboration with Engineering in thinking big; imagining and tracking future solutions that solve problems
  • Collaboration with our Strategy and Partnerships team, as well as the Marketing team to address the idea of product lifecycle, from inception to release.
  • Own and maintain the quality of the product area you are responsible for; aim to deliver world-class software with every sprint
  • Be relentless about cost/benefit analysis -Scope solutions to their minimum viable product state to deliver to users as early as possible
  • Constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative measures, both in MVP state and after full release
  • Distill varied (and potentially conflicting) stakeholder requirements down to clear, concise and thorough development requirements
  • Frequently re-prioritize backlogs based on stakeholder feedback, market changes, business priority and available resources
  • Attend all required Scrum meetings including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, backlog grooming, sprint review
  • Decide what success looks like for each product, using appropriate metrics
  • Communication with business owners and stakeholders to ensure all parties are well informed. Partner with subject matter experts to ensure all perspectives are considered.
  • Plan and implement training (and necessary documentation) for end users.
  • Support the team to clear roadblocks and manage risks as they are raised
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned
  • You have at least 5 years’ experience as a Product Manager, ideally in the music industry or a related digital domain (e.g. streaming, entertainment, publishing, subscription businesses).
  • You have demonstrable experience of collaborating with a team and delivering impactful software products. As this role will work closely with distributed development team members, you also understand effective remote collaboration
  • You know how to create process flow visualizations and roadmaps to build shared understanding of phasing and requirements
  • You’re diplomatic and humble. You can synthesize opposing viewpoints to find common ground and win-win situations for stakeholders and the team
  • You’re able to easily switch between thinking creatively and analytically
  • You’re enthusiastic about building great products and the product development process, always eager to keep growing your understanding of user behavior and technical solutions
  • You’re flexible, adaptable and willing to jump in wherever necessary to help things run smoothly
  • Familiarity with the technical architecture of complex web applications is desirable
Work Environment:
  • Hours are flexible, but generally 9am – 5pm Monday-Friday
  • Currently fully remote due to COVID-19, but normally some office hours are required; most team members work from home two days a week
  • Dress code is “music industry casual”
  • Some travel may be required


In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, AVL Digital Group does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of sex, age, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, genetic information, veteran status or disability.


AVL Digital Group is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. This commitment is embodied in company policy and the way we do business and is an important principle of sound business management.


It is Company policy not to discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in regard to application procedures, hiring, advancement, discharge, compensation, training, or other terms, conditions and privileges of employment.

Any individual who can be reasonably accommodated for a job, without undue hardship, will be given the same consideration for that position as any other applicant. The People Team is responsible for implementing this policy, including resolution of reasonable accommodation, safety and undue hardship issues.

Final Notes

If you are a recruiter, please do not contact us with candidates for this position unless we have engaged with you to do so.

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