Brownswood Recordings – Label Manager (UK)



Brownswood Recordings is a London based, internationally focused independent record company. We strive to deliver excellent and impactful results for the artists signed to the record label, whilst operating an organisation that is entrepreneurial, ethical, environmentally conscious and respectful of people and culture. We’re looking for an experienced Label Manager to join our busy London based team.


Reporting to the Managing Director, the Label Manager will work closely with the full team to ensure that operations are run efficiently. The Label Manager will have a good knowledge of Brownswood’s roster of artists and the wider community and culture that we operate in. The Label Manager will be proactive at establishing new systems, highly organised with a great attention to detail, and take pride in representing Brownswood.

Key Objectives
  • Organise the day to day smooth running of the record label and office.
  • Organise and adhere to timelines on each project
  • To ensure that all artists and managers are being regularly communicated with.
  • Running production of Vinyl and CDs in a time sensitive and cost-effective way.
Key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to

Release schedule:

The Label Manager will build a release schedule with consideration to cashflow, workload and artist schedules. The Label Manager will work with the Distribution Manager to make sure key stakeholders (distribution partners) are being regularly communicated with, and that all deadlines are being adhered to.


Responsible for setting up timelines for each project and making sure that deadlines are being met. This will involve some management of the Marketing team and Distribution Manager.


Responsible for setting up budgets for each project and ensuring there is good communication with the accounts department.

Press Releases:

Responsible for writing or overseeing the writing of all press releases.


The Label Manager will oversee the entire production process. This will include booking mastering, overseeing the creation of metadata, QC checks, label copy formation and proofreading and delivery of final artwork parts.

Marketing and promotion:

Responsible for overseeing marketing activities being run in a time and cost-effective manner, measuring effectiveness of marketing activities and feedback.

Catalogue Management:

The Label Manager will make sure that all full executed contracts are filed correctly that expiration terms are managed, and that they are easily accessible to anyone who needs them. Key contractual points e.g. approvals need to be circulated to the wider team.

Office Management:

Act as the main point of contact with the landlord. The Label Manager will ensure that our premises are a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for our team and visitors, that the space is well organised and functional, and that all team members can access the tools that they need to do their jobs.

Diversity & Inclusion

Brownswood is committed to being an anti-racist organisation with a zero-tolerance approach to workplace discrimination. The Label Manager will contribute to building Psychological Safety and Belonging in the workplace, and will make sure that a rigorous approach to D&I is baked into all decisions made by the label.


The Label Manager will drive forward the labels environmental agenda, including writing an environmental policy, engaging all team members and measuring the carbon footprint of the label (training will be given).

  • Strong communication skills (listening, verbal and written).
  • Strong time and project management skills.
  • Excellent administration and organisational skills.
  • Experience of budgeting with excellent attention to detail.
  • Be an active problem solver.
  • Excellent people management skills.
  • A confident, enthusiastic and diplomatic approach.
  • Proactive and positive attitude.
  • Excellent relationship building and listening skills.
  • Able to analyse information and present findings clearly.
  • An articulate individual with a flexible approach.
  • Solutions orientated.
  • Ability to deal with confidential information sensitively.


Please send your CV and cover letter to no later than 25th January 2023, with “Label Manager – Brownswood” in the subject line. Please be patient with us when waiting for a response, we’re a small team, so will reply as soon as we can 🙂


Brownswood Recordings is committed to playing our part in helping to create a fairer and more equal society. We want to see a world without discrimination of any sort and where every person is able to reach their full potential. We believe that we have a part to play in that and we are committed to doing so through our work.

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