BMG – Sync Licensing Manager (UK)


We are seeking a creative and commercially astute Sync Licensing Manager to join our award winning sync team.

You are a highly committed team player, keen to be part of the world’s fastest growing music company, BMG.

You will be responsible for managing the licensing for a wide range of sync opportunities and will work on behalf of BMG artists and songwriters to licence music into TV, Online, Branded Content and International.

You will also be expected to generate significant new business opportunities in a variety of sectors.

Your Mission
  • Licensing world-wide, clearances for TV, SVOD and more.
  • Licensing for non-blanket TV uses. e.g. cross channel promos, end titles.
  • Licensing for branded online content in the UK and internationally.
  • Diverse range of international licensing.
  • Negotiating deal terms.
  • Identifying and proposing new commercially viable business opportunities.
  • Building relationships in the UK and internationally with artist mangers, lawyers, writers and artists as well as external sync clients.
  • Managing special projects.
  • Overseeing international exploitation of UK repertoire.
  • Coordinating with international sync teams to ensure that UK repertoire is appropriately exploited.
  • Seeking consent from artist/songwriter approval parties.
Your Profile
  • Strong team player.
  • Comprehensive sync licensing experience.
  • Broad range of contacts within broadcast television and the wider UK sync market.
  • Intricate understanding of copyright in publishing and master recordings
  • Detailed knowledge of global sync market.
  • Track record of achievement in negotiation and deal making.
  • Proven attention to detail and strong organisational skills.
  • Experienced in working with business affairs, copyright, admin, finance, A&R.
  • Expertise in brand partnerships and diverse deal structuring.
  • Clear and concise communication and interpersonal skills.
About BMG

BMG is a new kind of music company. Our mission is clear; to help artists and songwriters make the very most of their songs and recordings in the digital age.