BMAT – Software Engineer (ES)

At BMAT, we like to sing ‘put the right letters together and make a better day’. Our international team, full of problem solvers and music lovers, work to put the right chords together and make a better music scene.

As users (and we use it a lot), we want it more accessible. As musicians, we need it fairer. And as music researchers, we squeeze our brains to develop one of the most widespread systems to track music and identify audio.

Currently, we report music usage from all over the world to PROs, labels, publishers and broadcasters, so that artists get the recognition they deserve. However, we only feel totally fulfilled when we can sneak a couple of funny jokes while talking about this.

Job summary

As part of the Digital Engineering Team, your responsibilities will be to build and improve the products that power one of the most complete music data processing systems in the world.

We are connected to more than 45 DSPs (Digital Service Providers) such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer or Amazon that provide DSRs (Digital Sales Reports) that we process, store, reconcile and match in order to provide insight to our partners, standardize formats, enrich information and compute royalty statements, among others.

In addition, we also provide on-demand audio identification services, that enable our partners to be in control of user-uploaded content (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud) and increase revenue collection from videos containing their music.

With Python as the main development technology, our system processes 650 million lines per month in a horizontally scalable architecture powered by Amazon Web Services.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

We are looking for a resourceful, action-driven and talented coder to help us with the evolution, maintenance and operation that a system of this magnitude requires.

As part of the engineering team, you will work side by side with the operations team in order to offer the best user experience to our clients and develop creative solutions to satisfy their business needs. 

You must have:

  • Proficiency in Python or similar
  • An instinct for listening, asking, learning and communicating
  • Hands-on experience with SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • A strong belief that you get the most out of your time when working in a team
  • Love for uncertainty – you think it creates opportunity rather than stress
  • Basic knowledge of Bash
  • Lots of fun explaining our back-end to your grandparents
  • Experience with Linux 

It would be great if you also have:

  • Responsive web design experience
  • UX/UI experience
  • Hands-on experience with Python web frameworks (Django, Flask)
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks (Vue, React)
  • Basic knowledge of docker
  • Frequently worked/developed/deployed on the cloud and in automated environments
  • Experience with software design life cycle and best practices (code reviews, testing)
  • Experience designing and developing RESTful APIs

What we offer:

  • Full-time job
  • Flexibility on working hours and home office
  • Free coffee, fruit and language classes
  • Free snacks, beers and jam sessions on Friday afternoons!
  • Becoming part of a young and international team based in Barcelona obsessed with bettering the music industry

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