Black Box – Digital Marketer (US)

Be part of something special.

Black Box is a leading music marketing and artist development agency, founded by Livia Tortella (Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic Records, Def Jam) and principled by established major label veterans. Over the company’s 5+ year tenure, Black Box has participated in the success of hundreds of artists from the development of major-label superstars to healthy independent career artists, fostering a business of sustainable growth, year-over-year.

With over a half a decade in and a relentless pursuit to build the premier modern agency for the future, Black Box continues to extend our creative footprint with a serious commitment to artist development and the modern music business.

By design, Black Box is a boutique organization, built to support the growth of our young talent, create upward mobility paths, and establish leaders in the music business. We have a dynamic team culture and an attitude built from an unwavering passion in artist empowerment, development and service.

At Black Box, the digital marketing role is where the rubber meets the road. In collaboration with the project manager, the digital marketer works across a roster of clients to provide social property management and strategy. It is the job of the digital marketer to coach and enable the client to use social media in their own unique way, coordinate digital initiatives to support music releases, and provide assessments on the temperature of fan engagement and music/content feedback. The digital marketer must be all-in with a love for social media, setting up the perfect entry point for an aspiring music industry professional to learn, exercise creativity, and support emerging and established talent.

  • Social publishing calendar creation and posting
  • Social publishing calls to go over calendars and social training with clients
  • Website updates, social property updates, DSP profile updates, email blasts
  • Coordination of digital marketing initiatives
  • Participation in client text groups
  • Weekly social scans and implementation of fixes
  • Social strategy reports•Marketing ideation
  • Short-form copywriting
  • Competency across all social media and streaming platforms
  • A selfless and positive attitude
  • A deep desire to learn
  • Disciplined and responsible with deadlines
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Clear communicator
  • Accessible and easy to reach
  • Proficient writing skills
  • Self-starter mentality
  • Organized
  • An absolute obsession with music

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